@starbreaker @cwebber @Shamar

2. as far as people "making money off of your work without coming to you first" is concerned.

First of all, SA takes care of that to a large extent: no large company will release anything on SA, so they would still need to come to you first to get a special license.

But for the smaller stuff, when I was considering the license for my blog, I went with: well, *I* can't figure out how to monetize it. Why block others? Maybe they will come back and pay me for more.

@starbreaker @cwebber @Shamar turns out that thanks to SA I got a couple of Spanish translations of my posts, published in random places. Some of these places are ad-supported. NC would block that (or they would violate the license).

@rysiek @starbreaker @cwebber @Shamar this was a good and informative thread on how different CC licenses can work.

Also, how are there not already CC mastodon emoji?! 😮 *gets right on that*

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