@Shamar @cwebber @rysiek @starbreaker

NC licenses prevent non-profit organizations from making use of the work, too.

@Wolf480pl @kaniini @Shamar @cwebber @starbreaker it happens because "non-commercial" is not well defined, and in fact is not possible to define in a precise way.

And non-profits or not-for-profits have to play it safe, so they will stay away.

@rysiek @kaniini @Shamar @cwebber @starbreaker
hm... why didn't someone make a license that specifically allows use by registered non-profits?


@Wolf480pl @kaniini @Shamar @cwebber @starbreaker because it would not solve the problem.

What would stop LargeCorpX from registering a child organization as a non-profit?

@rysiek @kaniini @Shamar @cwebber @starbreaker
don't non-profit need to have a mission statement or something?
Or, maybe not non-profits but public benefit organizations (like OPP in Poland)?

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