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NC licenses prevent non-profit organizations from making use of the work, too.

@Wolf480pl @kaniini @Shamar @cwebber @starbreaker it happens because "non-commercial" is not well defined, and in fact is not possible to define in a precise way.

And non-profits or not-for-profits have to play it safe, so they will stay away.

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hm... why didn't someone make a license that specifically allows use by registered non-profits?

@Wolf480pl @kaniini @Shamar @cwebber @starbreaker here again ShareAlike or other forms of copyleft are way more elegant and effective than NC. You don't care if it's a company or a non-profit -- if they're okay with releasing their derivative work under the same license, that's cool.

If not, it doesn't matter what the organizational structure we're talking about.

It's clean and effective.

@rysiek @kaniini @Shamar @cwebber @starbreaker

What if a company uses your art in an advertisement? They may as well release the advertisement under CC, it doesn't change the fact that your art was publicly used to advertise an evil corpo.


@Wolf480pl @kaniini @Shamar @cwebber @starbreaker it is entirely possible. However, if they release the advert as CC By-SA (as that's what we're talking about here) that means now *I* can remix it, and so can everyone on the Internets. If it's an "evil corpo", that is not going to end well for them.

Hence, they will not release it under CC By-SA. And hence they will not use by CC By-SA artwork either.

There are other reasons too, obviously (like: rigidness of evil corpo's legal departments).

@rysiek @kaniini @Shamar @cwebber @starbreaker
But remixing an ad for critical/satirical purposes is already fair-use in many jurisdictions, so I don't see how the ad being released under CC BY-SA would change anything

@rysiek @kaniini @Shamar @cwebber @starbreaker
Indeed, I have not. I have only met one lawyer in my life, and he wroks for a non-profit, besides he doesn't like being a lawyer.
So, what are lawyers like?

@Wolf480pl @kaniini @Shamar @cwebber @starbreaker extremely, impossibly cautious. That's their job.

And extremely anchored in corporate, commercial business models. "Let's release an ad on CC By-SA" is a non-starter, nobody would even consider suggesting that perhaps a discussion could be had regarding potentially thinking about proposing this.

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