Trick-or-treating last night. I would like to point out that all members of the party, including myself and @__h2__ , are wearing masks.

Stay safe!

This is a bit of an API documentation for @wallabag. It deals with plenty of very specific headers and parameters that need to be gotten exactly right. It is important that it is intelligible and readable.

So, the developers decided to go for white text on white background. With text shadow, as a way of (guessing here!) increasing readability.

In fact, it doesn't help with white-on-white, and makes everything else look blurred.

My question is: why?..

trump, uspol, funny though 

This is an actual page from the actual gift shop:

I... uhm... Guys?.. I think you should have that checked out. You might have contracted Cult of Personality there.

I must say I am seeing a sudden spike of excellent people in my timeline lately, mainly due to other excellent people boosting excellent stuff excellently.

It's , a day to appreciate competent operators of authoritative servers:

Happy to report my current employer is one of them. :blobcatcoffee:

Me, yesterday: I'm going to get back to and close a bunch of tickets

Me, today:

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The cloud factory near Reykjavík is working overtime today!

(j/k, it's the geothermal power and heating plant)

Meanwhile in , a historic victory of the incumbent Andrzej Duda in presidential elections.

Not a single vote went to any of the opposition candidates:

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