As an added bonus: as @czesiekhaker points out, the phrase on the building seems to be a reference to this painting of Gaugin's, called "Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?"

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As should this photo, by Виктория Халиуллина (Victoria Halyullina). It depicts the pro-Navalny protest in Yekaterinburg.

The protesters were forced to walk across the frozen lake. If you zoom in, in the bottom-left corner there's a building with the sign saying:

The symbolism is so strong it hurts.

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This photo by Chris Niedenthal was taken at the beginning of martial law in communist Poland, in 1981.

It is packed with symbolism. The armored personnel carrier is in the foreground, on the backdrop of the "Moskwa" ("Moscow") cinema with Apocalypse Now banner (translated in Polish as "Time of Apocalypse").

It became an icon, a screenshot of the political moment.

Case in point!

However, because it was clear that the "that's political, therefore bad" angle wouldn't work this time, the esteemed interlocutor went for a different, remarkably sophisticated strategy.

What's interesting is how sex-positive a strategy it is!

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I mean... sure, , you're technically not wrong. Not sure about the timing tho.

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We have to be clear: the reason the coup failed wasn't because of how strong US democracy is (it clearly isn't); rather, it was because how moronic everyone involved in it was.

This is scary. The next wannabe authoritarian leader will not be an incompetent racist buffoon.

(re-tooted, explanation in thread)

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"Entitled" doesn't even start to describe this.

That person is exasperated with being maced after trying to get into the Capitol. The shocked indignation is palpable.

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It really does hinge on one race... and has for centuries.

Also, please note that technically my hair color means I am a...

...ginger bread man.


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Sourdough bread fresh out of oven, the starter made completely from scratch.

Time from zero (some flour and water in a jar to make the starter) to hero (pictured): 3 days.

Trick-or-treating last night. I would like to point out that all members of the party, including myself and @__h2__ , are wearing masks.

Stay safe!

This is a bit of an API documentation for @wallabag. It deals with plenty of very specific headers and parameters that need to be gotten exactly right. It is important that it is intelligible and readable.

So, the developers decided to go for white text on white background. With text shadow, as a way of (guessing here!) increasing readability.

In fact, it doesn't help with white-on-white, and makes everything else look blurred.

My question is: why?..

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