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Off to the party now. Because, why not.

Did a 15min talk at on how completely fscked technology is.

Slides: rys.io/static/make-technology-

Script: rys.io/static/make-technology-

Yes, I did sip from a flask on-stage at slide 49 (screen).

Yes, I need to set-up HTTPS on my blog. ;)

And since I am already on my shitposting spree...

Working on the presentation. About 40 slides with different breaches and security fails so far. Here's the slide that comes immediately after them.

Hey ! I am doing a 15min talk at [1] and plan on doing a 3min rant on the state of information, software, and hardware security.

Give me your favorite and most mind-boggling InfoSec fails.

I already have a neat list, but I want these 3 minutes to be constant barrage of infosec fails. Everything from Cambridge Analytica slurping FB data en masse down to Meltdown and Spectre.

The presentation will be published under CC By-SA for all to enjoy.

[1] pdfcee.pl

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Registering for a conference. Let's see how that goes:

Sent a card to Fundacja Bęc-Zmiana.

Will send another one from a different place tomorrow.

I implore you to do the same. Reminder: a nice, artsy Polish NGO received an antisemitic postcard. I think they deserve receiving a lot of .

Address, again:

Fundacja Bęc-Zmiana
Mokotowska 65/17
00-533 Warszawa

Thank you for all your boosts, and especially to all those who send a postcard to make their day a bit brighter.

putting "cloud" in "mastodon.cloud"

> be me
> go into a restaurant
> before even asking try "Restaurantname2017", "Restaurantname2018", etc as WiFi passwords
> "RestaurannameRestaurantname" works
> be like:

I got like over9000 new followers today and here I am shitposting.


Bear with me.

“Panera takes data security very seriously and this issue is resolved"