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What actually happened with the missile warning in Hawaii: mastodon.social/media/PEdS4OTb

trigger warning: polska polityka, rekonstrukcja rządu Show more

This slide from @cjd 's talk is super important to the whole / federate-or-not debate.

Currently we have a system where admins can freely decide whom to federate with (as they should!), but there is no real transparency built-in IMVHO.


Had to re-register on on my phone, was concerned that I will lose all my messages also on my desktop clients.

Nope. It worked. And I kept my messages and groups. mastodon.social/media/IYYi4owt

Hey @crazypedia , is your avatar a hexagonal game of life animation?

If so, fun fact: the shield of the mermaid in the Warsaw Hackerspace logo is a hexagonal glider. :) mastodon.social/media/UnMyVSnH

This is clearly the result of big data analysis and online tracking that benefits me immensely by making it possible for advertisers to serve ads best suited for me.

Who can spot the WTF? :)


Send some positive energy in the general direction of great people at 1984.is. They need it today.