AWW YISS, @alxd 's notification UI change got deployed on m.s.!


This is a reminder that "Mastodon is Dead in the Water" post is over 1.5 year old now and both Mastodon and the Fediverse are going strong:

I like the irony of sharing this link here.

Dystopian post-apocalyptic future? Nope, pre-apocalyptic present in .

Apparently it takes several minutes for to update your cookie preferences.

Guess that's what happens when you use ™ database products on the backend.

I just posted a toot saying that a rickroll video (in this case, the Russian rickroll video) is relevant to a thread.

And it *actually* is.

And I just realized this.

And now I am very very confused.

And yes, this is a self-subtoot.

Instagram filters? Northern lights? No, Sarajevo at sunset.

I am now at Science Fair, representing @OCCRP. Thanks to @zyx for giving me the opportunity!

This is going to be fun!

I think I broke Youtube. Srsl g-glitching going on.

Lol, I am getting a 500 Internal Server Error on Youtube.

Informative error messages for the win! In Jekyll, this:

"Liquid error comparison of Hash with Hash failed"

..means this:

"the date in one of the fields of Front Matter is not correct".


Spent the last 2.5h setting up and testing single packet authorization with fwknop, using GPG keys. Pretty neat:

Pitfalls:remember that the GPG keys cannot be longer than RSA 2048bit, otherwise encrypted data won't fit into a single packet.

So now I can SSH into my server either after GPG-based SPA, or through Wireguard. All other traffic is dropped.

Another ToDo off my list.

I am now startint to migrate (or as I call it, "upgrade") stretch to ascii on my private server:

Well done, . A common name cert error on your knowledgebase portal. Where I am supposed to download firmware upgrade from.

Well done indeed.

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