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Interesting. After posting the link I got about a minute of ~10 requests per second. Instances in the Fediverse grabbing the metadata I presume.


Breaking: going fully transparent on how they policy works at an Europarliamentevent. You can't make that stuff up!


If you're missing the Teahouse at , come to the colorful caffeteria and find the tea. Some nice people are attached to it. ;)

That time when I was Sweden's "main brain" on a thing (and I still had a birdsite account; young I was and naive).

I remember we asked some friends to help us load-test our set-up the night before the conference.

And sure enough load-test it they did! They basically saturated the pipe.

The pipe being the main Internet connection for the Warsaw University of Technology (yeah, the uplink was not amazing).

Do I have the graph?
Of course I have the graph.

AWW YISS, @alxd 's notification UI change got deployed on m.s.!


This is a reminder that "Mastodon is Dead in the Water" post is over 1.5 year old now and both Mastodon and the Fediverse are going strong:

I like the irony of sharing this link here.

Dystopian post-apocalyptic future? Nope, pre-apocalyptic present in .

Apparently it takes several minutes for to update your cookie preferences.

Guess that's what happens when you use ™ database products on the backend.

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