So, this is the official website of the .website TLD registry:

Check for yourself, go to and click on .website menu item.

Very professional.

Eh, @pluralistic links to a site and of course fedi promptly fedidoses it.

Yes, any site should be able to handle a few hundred requests in a few minutes, but that doesn't make it okay for fedi to test if they will.

donald trump, bitcoin, 🍿 

Former US President Donald Trump has told Fox Business that he sees Bitcoin as a "scam" affecting the value of the US dollar.

"Bitcoin, it just seems like a scam," Mr Trump said. "I don't like it because it's another currency competing against the dollar."


We got more fissures and cones.

The old volcano stack is barely recognizable. Most of the ground I walked on there a few weeks ago is now under several meters of lava.

Following the Icelandic tradition of crushing chocolate eggs. When in Rome...

CW: eye contact.

We had to leave the valley going around the other end of it, the path we used to get into it got closed by the rescue teams due to wind change bringing the fumes over it.

Which is great, as we got to see all the sides of the eruption. This was a better vantage point to notice all the action happening in the middle of the lava field.

That concludes our tour! Thank you for joining me in this adventure!

Here's a livestream from the eruption site:

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Closer view of the head of the lava field on the more active side. Humans for scale. This is a solid 4-meter thick layer of solidified lava.

Only... it's not really all that solidified! Remember the embers from before? You can't see them in this photo, but they are there, and the lava wall is moving, slowly but constantly - notice the curled-up turf!

It's creaking and cracking, and every now and then a large chunk will fall off. Coming close is asking for trouble.

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Speaking of rescue teams, let me re-use the most meme-worthy image from this stash again, to hook your attention in order to recognize their hard work and fantastic dedication.

These *volunteers* are on-site 24/7 in shit weather, with bad smells, and dealing with people who thought this is a picnic and came completely unprepared for the hike and weather, or worse: got drunk and unpleasant to deal with.

Thank you, you guys rock (pun semi-intended)!

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Embers in the black, solidified lava show this is just a thin crust, there's plenty of action underneath!

Fumes are dangerous: odorless, but heavier than air, and without wind they could displace air, killing anyone within minutes. Thankfully, the volcano creates its own wind, sucking fresh air from all around, heating it, and pumping it up. Hence the mushroom cloud from previous toots in this thread.

Rescue teams on-site monitored this, of course.

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Weather changes *fast* in ("there is no bad weather, you're just underdressed"), and even faster up in the hills.

It took 15 minutes for it to switch from sunny-blue-sky-reasonably-warm to heavy-grey-sky-heavy-snowfall-and-freezing.

A blizzard over a lava field and an active eruption is a sight to behold!

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Let's focus on the lava flow for a bit. This was maybe 20m from me. The heat was easily felt even way farther from it.

Smart people tell me this is a good example of "strain localization on the sides of the channel", where the top of the flow has solidified, but sides are still flowing and glowing.

Can't really describe all the weird ways lava flows and boils and roils, and clumps, and moves. Imagine a thick soup, solidifying quickly, but also constantly on the move.

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