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Yours truly, in my heavy-seas sailing outfit, which turned out to be a very decent winter hiking outfit.

Yes, I do find the the fact that I brought a sailing outfit to a volcanic eruption funny. ⛵

Yes, my knit cap says "Ryś", which is "Lynx" in Polish, but also a short version of the name "rysiek". :cate:

Content warning: eye contact.

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Moving on around the valley allows us to finally see that the other side of the volcano cone has collapsed, revealing two on-going eruptions, throwing lava bombs up and about, and creating rivers of hot lava among the lava field.

We've spent quite some time just sitting there and watching the volcano do it's thing. It is awe-inspiring and humbling to witness such a thing.

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At long last, we're getting some action! Volcano is happily throwing some red-hot chunks of lava up in the air.

The sound is not possible to describe. A deep, low, rumbling mixed with a sound of storm waves crashing on a rocky shore is my best attempt.

The valley we came through to get to this point is almost directly behind the volcano cone.

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Here's a close-up of the cooled-down lava field. Just half a meter to a meter thick, and with some snow on it.

People (including myself) comfortable coming up close. Some even walked on it.

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Finally, the headliner emerges!

The volcano becomes visible, first small and between the hills. The lava field seems cool and solid, but consider the snow melted on the hills around. Also, this lava "carpet" is at least 3 meters thick, and constantly slightly moving.

We had to walk around the valley, so we got a chance to photograph it from different sides. The lava field on the last photo is the oldest, thinnest, and coolest. There is even a bit of snow on it!

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Oh noes, is this another eruption? Nope, it's just the geothermal plant near Grindavík (and Blue Lagoon), trying its best to pretend to be a volcano! 😉

Photos taken from the hike up, about a kilometer or so from the actual eruption site, looking West (and away from the eruption site).

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A mushroom cloud over the eruption site is easily visible from 25km away. As we get closer and see it from a different angle, a long downwind tail-cloud becomes visible.

From about a kilometer away it is clear that there is a column of hot fumes rising from the eruption site. These are transparent, until they cool down sufficiently for the water vapor in them to condense out.

Plenty of water to vaporize available, there was some snowfall earlier (and later).

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I went through the photos and videos I've taken on my lava-ish picnic ( 🌋 , get it?) on Sunday.

Highlights attached, thread with more below.

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Can you guess when was a link to one of my projects shared here on fedi yesterday?

Seriously, we're getting close to having a true "Fediverse effect" (c.f. ). :blobaww:

As an added bonus: as @czesiekhaker points out, the phrase on the building seems to be a reference to this painting of Gaugin's, called "Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?"

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As should this photo, by Виктория Халиуллина (Victoria Halyullina). It depicts the pro-Navalny protest in Yekaterinburg.

The protesters were forced to walk across the frozen lake. If you zoom in, in the bottom-left corner there's a building with the sign saying:

The symbolism is so strong it hurts.

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This photo by Chris Niedenthal was taken at the beginning of martial law in communist Poland, in 1981.

It is packed with symbolism. The armored personnel carrier is in the foreground, on the backdrop of the "Moskwa" ("Moscow") cinema with Apocalypse Now banner (translated in Polish as "Time of Apocalypse").

It became an icon, a screenshot of the political moment.

Case in point!

However, because it was clear that the "that's political, therefore bad" angle wouldn't work this time, the esteemed interlocutor went for a different, remarkably sophisticated strategy.

What's interesting is how sex-positive a strategy it is!

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