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The pinboard fella had a quote that machine learning is "morality laundering". You get to claim your AI is neutral and not racist/etc because ✨algorithms✨

Train it with racist/etc decisions, and the same decisions come out the other side but now they're not racist/etc!

@uranther @peanutbutter144 not sure about anyone else, but it works fine for me. Moving (slowly) to it as my main system.

Off to the party now. Because, why not.

And yes, I will make it into a full 45min talk. And yes, there should be a video available soon.

Did a 15min talk at on how completely fscked technology is.

Slides: rys.io/static/make-technology-

Script: rys.io/static/make-technology-

Yes, I did sip from a flask on-stage at slide 49 (screen).

Yes, I need to set-up HTTPS on my blog. ;)

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Just ducked out of a lunch discussion where people were talking about their strategies for unfollowing anyone that talks about politics or things that they disagree with.

I mean, you're free to do whatever you want, but I kind of feel a little disgusted at so many tech workers just burying their heads in the sand when it comes to politics. It's like you want to go out of your way to avoid anything that might make you slightly uncomfortable.

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at Big Social HQ:
> we need to moderate social media because law and decency
< ok, but we can't hire humans for it because humans make mistakes
< so instead we'll teach a machine our biases, so it never makes mistakes
> what if our biases are part of the problem
< *has already left for the golf course*

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You probably heard this, but for anyone reading this who didn't, it's too good an anecdote to leave out of this conversation.

JSLint, the JavaScript syntax checker, is under the JSON License and therefore must not be used for evil. Except:

> So I wrote back – this happened literally two weeks ago – “I give permission for IBM, its customers, partners, and minions, to use JSLint for evil.”

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@shamar @rysiek @starbreaker @cwebber @diggity @alienghic @kaniini If you want to prevent yourself from the opportunity to take your project proprietary, make sure to get more contributors, and have everyone retain their copyright to their contributions.

@m4sk1n @RafiX @KrzysiekJ ech, no nie będę obstrukcji odprawiał, no. Nadal uważam, że Polszczyzna na propsie (jako tłumaczenie, i jako język), ale cóż.

Good read on 's bug bounty:

"We wish to open our program to the public on an ongoing basis, whenever possible. For example, if we have too many reports to process, we may put it back in private to manage the flow and avoid duplicate reports. Hunters work very hard to find loopholes, so it is top priority to avoid being overwhelmed."

I am managing 2 bounty programs on BountyFactory, this is 💯% true.

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There is something magical about the act of writing things down, or setting an alarm clock or a calendar reminder, that takes it out of your head and makes room for other things. I need to start writing down more things.

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Facebook-Purge is a proof-of-concept for automated pissing in the lake of surveillance data: github.com/stardothosting/face

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If you're about to respond to someone on Mastodon with advice or information or critique or disagreement, PLEASE read their post again to make sure that they have invited that.

If they haven't asked for input they probably don't want or need it, but if you still think they'll be interested in what you want to say, ASK before replying.

"Hey, are you asking for advice, or just venting?"

That's ALL you need to say.

I'm tagging it #netiquette (what a great word, haha) but it's universal.

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It's a bit late for , but if you want a sprinkle of philosophy in your TL along with some hacking, @bob is well worth your attention

@kaniini @jerry context:

Cloudflare Just Banned a Social Media Refuge for Thousands of Sex Workers
Switter had more than 47,000 members, many looking for a safe alternative to Twitter and other big internet platforms, before Cloudflare terminated its service. The organization behind Switter is blaming SESTA/FOSTA.


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@jerry worked great for switter up until it quit working at all