Upon ratification, it will also be the first collective bargaining agreement that references Mastodon. So there's that.

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I am enormously proud and deeply, deeply exhausted to announce that after two years of bargaining the Ziff Davis Creators Guild has its first union contract.

Zrzucili bomby na targowisko, zabili co najmniej 50 osób, co najmniej 100 jest rannych, wojsko blokuje dojazd karetką, a lokalne władze medyczne udzielają informacji o liczbie zabitych i rannych tylko z zastrzeżeniem anonimowości. #TigrayGenocide

We're excited that the passed through committee today. If you hate the way Facebook moderates posts, you should love this bill, which requires Facebook to interoperate with competing platforms so that users can choose the moderators they want. eff.org/deeplinks/2021/06/acce

I just discovered the term "click funnel" and I want to throw up a little

Before covid, "remote proctoring" tools were a niche product, invasive tools that spied on students who needed to take high-stakes tests but couldn't get to campus or a satellite test-taking room. But the lockdown meant that *all* students found themselves in this position.



Mass adoption is another privacy feature.
The more people use it for "regular use" the harder to point out who is doing something "interesting".

Kind of a "how do you hide a tree🌲?" situation.

@pfm @briar

NOTICE: youtube is setting pre-2017 unlisted videos to private. if you know of a bunch of unlisted videos from inactive accounts, now is the time to download them with a youtube downloader!!!

@pfm @briar honestly, before I start convincing people to go Briar, I am waiting for:
- iOS client
- store-and-forward
- multi-device on a single profile

These are all difficult, but they are also necessary for quote-unquote "regular people" to find Briar usable enough.

Meanwhile, I am informing a select few that Briar is looking better and better, of course. 😉

you know what the best anti-homeless architecture is? a fucking home

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