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gargron told me if this post gets ten thousand boosts he'll give me the website and i will become the new gargron

@Wolf480pl @Dekken @h @bram @techbolt yes. That's some nice CYA language right there. Still, it does improve security even if it's not perfect. So.

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@emersion @Wolf480pl @rysiek one day, you'll be working on a tiny patch, and realize you haven't forked the repo on the web, and in a moment of vulnerability - you run git send-email and boom, you're mine

@Dekken @h @Wolf480pl @bram @techbolt very much this.

With docker and all it's problems I can just fire up a container with whatever I need and never worry about package management on my system.

Dependency hell goes out the window.

Plus it changes the security model to one where you need to *explicitly* give access to things (volume-mounts, capabilities, etc). I appreciate that.

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Says they're planning an ICO on Ethereum. This is still a bad idea... but perhaps that's why they want to hire an expert.

Says they accept #bitcoin payments - so my assumption above was wrong. 😌

@angristan @uranther interesting. Thanks for the additional context!

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@rysiek @uranther Let me remind you that protoncoin is not official, nothing has been announced, so this is an extremely weak argument because this website has no value at all

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@Anna I would like to hear once a talk about the inefficiencies of the decentralization; added plus would be to quantify that and compare to the cost of centralization. I think the decision whether to centralize or not could be made on pure economic terms (work thesis: "even though decentralized is more inefficient, we are still better off all factors included"). There must be similar studies around regarding cartels and consumer protection, this is nothing new.

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"But why don't you use debian packages in YunoHost?"

Reason number 98746513

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if your philosophy journal ain't open access, fuck you

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@rysiek @angristan
This is such a bad idea. They would be far better off accepting bitcoin payments than rolling their own f***in blockchain. :blobfacepalm:

@uranther @angristan oh man.

It gets better.

"First, ProtonCoin is a way for the general public to participate in the growth and expansion of ProtonMail and the entire Proton ecosystem, centered around the ideas of security and privacy."

> security and privacy


@angristan "First, ProtonCoin is a way for the general public to participate in the growth and expansion of ProtonMail and the entire Proton ecosystem"

Ugh corporate-speak much.

@cobra2 @techbolt @sir fair enough. I used it only as an example of an SCM that keeps wiki/issues inside the repo.

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@rysiek @techbolt @sir
I’d like to jump in here and just state. Fossil and git are two different beasts.

Git is a bottom up (bazaar) type SCM

Fossil is a top down (cathedral) type SCM/wiki/issues manager similar to gigs/gitea. Fossil also has an immutable history (no commit squashing).

They are similar in that they both store source code but should not really be compared/contrasted due to the fundamental design choices.

My $2

@sir @techbolt well, it feels like we don't have an actual list of these functionalities. And that we're focusing on a technical discussion ("e-mail vs. ActivityPub") while we don't really know what we need to build.

I am not saying this is not a valid discussion to have, I am just saying that it feels like the focus seems to me to be a bit... misplaced?

But that's probably just my skewed perspective. I'll shut up now.