Day 134.
Successfully infiltrated the Professionals (tm)

I've been accepted into the fold by repeating the code lingo which appears to distract the alpha. The hoodie has worked miracles. Balaclava was not needed

The soon-to-erupt volcano here in Iceland has a technical name: Sundhnjúkagígaröð in Þráinsskjaldarhraun

This is ACTUALLY what comes up in Google Translate for that...

@briar do you have a link with more info on the proposed law?

While Briar is p2p, there is no service operator to whom you could authenticate, except yourself.

And while Briar forces all traffic through Tor, it also anonymizes who's communicating with whom.

How ever that law is going to look like, it will not limit Briar's ability to protect your identity and your communication.


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In case you happen to reside in Germany, you've probably noticed the effort of the Interior minister to demand from nearly every online operator, to authenticate their users through their passports. (law not passed yet, but being discussed)


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A fellow FOSS musician has published hist first video showing how he works in Zrythm and Ardour:
I'm glad to see more people getting into this!

Adobe Creative Cloud feels like ransomware

Cant uninstall because I am not logged in
Cant login because I have not update it
Cant update it because I am not logged it

Fúck you Adobe

therapist: buff slav squatting scrappy-doo can't hurt you, he isn't real

buff slav squatting scrappy-doo:

Dzisiejsza konferencja w Sejmie to apel do Marszałek Elżbiety Witek by ogłosiła kolejny termin na zgłaszanie kandydatów na funkcję Rzecznika Praw Obywatelskich.

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