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Minimalistyczna Satyra Ahmeda Goldsteina na fejsie: Czasem ktoś mówi, że ci narodowcy, co teraz to nie tacy jak przed wojną. A ja uważam, że właśnie dokładnie tacy sami.

Nextcloud closed 2020 with record numbers and doubled its growth rate.

Continued innovation with a strong focus on meeting the real-life needs of modern organizations during the move to remote collaboration over 2020 has been key to this growth!

Wooo, got an upgrade:

The new version is the first to drop support of the original Jolla phone, which is a bit sad, but hey - it is a 7-year-old device that had full support and upgrades all this time. Hats off to Jolla.

Responding to pressure from the Proud Boys, a far-Right group at the heart of the attempted DC coup, Patreon has removed 'This Week in Fascism' from its platform. Only the latest example of the PBs mobilizing online to silence activists + journalists.


"The six documented accidents occurred when the high-current electron beam generated in X-ray mode was delivered directly … Two software faults were to blame. … Previous models had hardware interlocks to prevent such faults, but the Therac-25 had removed them, depending instead on software checks for safety."
Content warning: the Wikipedia page is both about software bugs and about fatal medical accidents.
via @Azure

Bolivia has created a Piketty-compliant annual tax on fortunes of more than $4.3m. Morocco's trying out a one-time tax on vast fortunes.

It's not just the global south: the UK's independent Wealth Tax Commission recommended a one-time levy. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau wants to "tax extreme wealth inequality."


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Ależ ja mam Signal, Telegram, Element i DeltaChat. Tylko tam nikt do mnie nie pisze:) No z wyjątkiem #Deltachat. A samego FB nie potrzebuję. Potrzebuję ludzi, którzy tam są. Napiszę tutorial dla niewidomych użytkowników, to może ich zachęcę. @rysiek

Note that a bit later today we have some more big news coming, you can follow it live on our website! 🥰

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2020 was quite the year when it comes to the Nextcloud server, clients, and apps, as we already wrote about in an earlier blog and we are growing our team to support our continued growth!

Let’s have a look at who joined us! 🎉

The new OnionShare is out!

It adds a bunch of great features like tabs, anonymous chat that never logs anything, and better command line support.

Here's the blog post:

Download OnionShare 2.3 from:

Install it on a headless server:

`pip3 install --user onionshare-cli`

Read the amazing new docs that are translated to a bunch of languages:

re: shitpost 

@rysiek Let n be the number of words we've read so far, and b = 1 for n = 0. Each time we recognize there was a new term introduced for no obvious purpose we update b as b := b * 2. The value of b after reading the entire text is called the bullshit index, and b/n -- the relative bullshit index. In practice it's often more convenient to use logarithmic bullshit index, defined as log b, and logarithmic relative bullshit index, defined as log b - log n.

“„Za rządów PiS dochodzi do powtarzających się przypadków tłumienia protestów ulicznych z użyciem siły przez służby porządkowe, do ograniczania praw grup LGBTQI+ oraz do ataków na niezależne media" - alarmują badacze CIVICUS” #Lhub

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