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Odnosząc się do dzisiejszego tajnego posiedzenia Sejmu i zarazem do światowej literatury można podać jeden tytuł:

„Wiele hałasu o nic” 📖

How's the Eurovision Football Contest going anyway

🚨🚨Service announcement🚨🚨

Google is making it harder for apps to track you on your Android phone - but you need to opt-out!

Read our guide to learn how to opt-out! 💃

❤️ And spread the love by sharing these tips with your friends & loved ones

I showed up in 1984 and then overthrew a totalitarian authoritarian regime (before anyone else got here) - Youre welcome

Peloton Bike+ Bug Gives Hackers Complete Control - An attacker with initial physical access (say, at a gym) could gain root entry to the int... #vulnerabilities #cloudsecurity #websecurity #iot


Loty krajowe nie powinny być darmowe dla posłów i posłanek.

Jak się męczą w pociągach to może w końcu zaczną szybciej pracować dla poprawienia ich stanu.

Tysiące ludzi codziennie tak podróżuje, a kolejnych emisji CO2 nam na pewno nie potrzeba


Big Tech critic Lina Khan named chair of the FTC

Lina Khan, a prominent critic of Big Tech, has been named chairwoman of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a White House spokesperson confirmed Tuesday.

The update comes just hours after the Senate voted to confirm the 32-year-old to the agency in a 69-28 vote.

The designation as chairwoman will give Khan greater authority at the FTC at a time when the agency is pursuing an antitrust case against Facebook and as lawmakers look to revamp laws to give the agency greater authority to rein in the market power of tech giants. ...

#LinaKhan #FTC #BigTech #Monopoly #AntiTrust


TCCB Cloud aims to radically increase its users’ digital rights while also increasing security agencies’ cyber-investigation capabilities

Oh really.

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Bring to all law-abuiding citizens and private organziations...

Not with that spelling you won't.

elevator pitch: it's like the fake-cassette-tape-with-aux-cable for adapting old car stereos for use with headphone-jack-bearing audio devices, but it's the size of a miniDV cassette and captures the digital output of a miniDV cam (via its record head) to a file on a microSD card (h/t @ajroach42 whomst will want and will likely be involved with prototyping in a few months hopefully)

@rysiek @wyatwerp A couple of those listed at are toolchain developers employed by Red Hat (not a secret). The rest is pretty diverse, probably mostly volunteers.

See also .

@rysiek Still hoping it returns someday soon. Adding Taylor to the character lineup has done wonders for shaking the dipshits out of the viewerbase and they were just starting to explore some fantastic ideas like what it costs to chase your aspirations - which they couldn't do with titans like Ax and Chuck and Wendy - before they had to hit the covid brakes.

Anyone here watched ?

The whole saga is eerily reminiscent of the episode "Limitless Sh*t", where one of the main characters and their whole hedge fund team get high as kites and, being now convinced of their god-like invincibility, proceed to make bat-shit crazy decisions, that get very close to wrecking the whole company:

@rysiek @lightweight @hubert @bob It's also similar with Google. There are not many FOSS-related conferences and organizations not sponsored by Google. This makes it exceedingly difficult to critique anything that Google is doing or to advocate for things which are not in Google's business interests.

Kolejny paradoks Kukiza. Mówi, że głosował na Staroń bo Kaczyński go prosił. Zero odwołania do wartości, pozytywów, wizji czy walki z układami. Czysty bieda machiavellzm. Antysystem bez wartości to dno, które jest jeszcze gorsze niż stare systemowe partie, bo udaje coś innego.

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