@atoponce It works fine for me now, no more low or empty pool anymore, which sometimes happens before 5.18. Thanks!

@ryzokuken I have never had a TV and always did it this way. If not via the internet you can buy a usb tv tuner to receive a rf TV signal. My sound goes via Bluetooth. Bit frankly: I am not a great media consumer.

As Donenfeld said:
"/dev/random and /dev/urandom are now exactly the same thing, with no differences between them at all"
I translated that as 'obsolete'. I only use /dev/random now. It dove into this because I saw my RNG poolside decimate after the kernel update. But it is replenishing blazingly fast.

@atoponce Since kernel 5.18 /dev/urandom became obsolete.

@YesIKnowIT Never knew it's existence! It reminds me to 'slicer' that I wrote a while ago to pass the part of a string between two arbitrary elements to stdout;

@aral my command line version: copy URL then: wl-paste | qrencode -t utf8

@mrsmhere@mastodon.green Fantastic picture!

@aral How is the router being identified then? The mac address is not exiting the LAN, is it?

@aral Firefox's sync functionality perhaps? I nerver use it but it could be a way to connect the dots?

@klaatu Google Maps should have all the data, but maybe it's an out of scope alternative?

Listening to your latest audio upload! :)
About tagging I want to point out tmsu: tmsu.org/ .
And I heard you use pass? I made this wrapper for it: codeberg.org/cytopyg3/tool/src

@YesIKnowIT I always use
'< /dev/random tr -d -c "[:graph:]" | head -c 14'
Is it better to use openssl or gpg generators?

@unfa Unfortunately I cannot join. Have a nice time!


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