chatroom is open for chatting or questions you can join using any client or use thanks to to /Lgm-Online , more to come from If you missed my presentation at , it will be published on by @lgm until you can subscribe to my fallback youtube channel

httsp:// was used in many apps but not only in also running in thanks to lightweight interpreter with runtime: :
Technical barrier to target low cost s can be too high for many developers already used to high level . But did you know that those devices can support many operating systems like inspired by (same for ), but it goes even behind than C APIs, even runtimes like IoT.js can be supported too, more at: : I'll share knowledge about Sensing reality with on at " " on 2020-09-27 Sun.

Working with or can be a good exercise to get into the . Even if the has provided many you can use on various system, from cheap boards to full boxes, the lack of unification can appear chaotic to ... 2021 event starts today online, feel to join to learn about this project and ask questions about my experiments @

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