Setting and cleaning up my zettelkasten

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Jack Dorsey followed Mastodon on Twitter a month ago so it's not like he doesn't know Mastodon exists, take from that what you will

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stages of literature review:

1. I am a brilliant genius whose originality is beyond compare
2. [searches google scholar]
3. oh no
4. oh god no
5. like fifty people have done this exact thing
6. [actually reads some of the papers]
7. wait these are all related but not exactly the same thing
8. also some of them are not very good
9. oh this one is actually really helpful!
10. I am a brilliant, gracious genius whose originality is beyond compare

@ganyet gbvdfahaf fadajdfasdj fasjjaja jfadja jfadjaja

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Any advice on upgrading from lineageos 14 to 15?

Just setting up a Processing experiment


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