Yes, I've been to a doctor about it (period talk) Show more

Yes, I've been to a doctor about it (period talk) Show more

My comic updated today, everyone! It's my third anniversary of posting it online, but these characters have existed for 20 years! You should go read if you haven't:

I bought a jar of dill pickles night before last.

We finished them this morning 😱

Comic is updated! To go live valentines day, I hope it displays normal as I did it all from my iPad for the first time

I feel like I'm online a lot but I dont actually post often

I hope to fix that one day soon (help I've been wanting to do a lot more than I have the time to do)

Suicidal ideation 4 Show more

Suicidal ideation 3 Show more

Suicidal ideation 2 Show more

Suicidal ideation Show more

Heads up that February is always the hardest month for me to get through

What's exhausting is that I've been asking very loudly for a very long time for some help, please, please please and its just not coming

Why do we treat mothers this way?? Why do I need to be sitting here, thinking that at least if I were dead I wouldn't be so fucking tired

A bad day 4 Show more

A bad day 4 Show more

A bad day 3 Show more

A bad day 2 Show more

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