They kept calling them selkies, some of them looked also like labia, weird points looked real... swollen?? And it was described as being made of chocolate

What are they for haha

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I had to look way too far into a timeline to discover that I was looking at was, indeed, dicks

He also mentioned how im likely to be ripped apart later because I have people of colour in my comic

Thank you, husband, I was already struggling with production

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I really don't think people need a full life story for characters?? Or they'll be like OH TALKING CATGIRL HAS MAGIC 😱😱😱 IN A MAGICAL/ FANTASY COMIC WHAT 😱😱😱😱

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I made the mistake of talking about my comic with my husband last night. He seems to think that Rhiannon using magic will be very confusing for readers

Esp where there's people out there who seem to genuinely think that you can swipe/ create work that easily digitally

They drew it first, everyone!

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I feel like I'm missing something with the tik tok trend of swiping the screen and revealing art

Imma pivot here and ask, what it like not being anxious?? I really wanna know

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I couldn't sleep for like two hours after, because it scared me so much. Husband was very reasonable about it, and I ended up asking him what its like not assuming that things are dead all the time

(I was doing this with my kids EVERY NIGHT until I was medicated. I'd check before I went to sleep a few times, and I'd wake up in a panic and would need to check during the night. I was waking hourly)

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The yellow one scared me half to death yesterday. He was just sitting on the ground, not moving. Laying weird too.

I touched him, still no movement. I panicked. He was sort of attached to a rock that was there (its been removed) and I was convinced that the rock killed my buddy

I think what happened is he was on the glass and fell, and was stunned

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My more yellow gecko really likes hanging out near the door, why must you plan your escape, buddy

I was gonna call my geckos Justice and Honour but I've waited so long that I might just name them Hope and Patience

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