Called around a few offices for therapy. I did find one that seems like they would fit well (I know I suffer from PTSD and maybe other, undiagnosed conditions). Most arent taking new patients, but the one who is will be a few months of wait.


I dont mind waiting, but for a lot of my stressors, it's all a waiting game. Waiting for the baby to be old enough for me to apply for respite services. Old enough for him to go to daycare (they go for more cheaply after they turn 3 if they have a diagnosis and you can prove they need it)

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I do know what a lot of my issues are and what is causing me stress. I've been unmedicated for almost 2 mos now for my anxiety, after finally getting a handle on it, and they still havent sent my meds. And now I need to wait, again, because while I could have afforded it awhile ago, I cant right now.

My period is also a huge factor in a lot of this. Even tho I know it's coming, I cant reason with my premenstrual brain. Everything is awful, I'm an anxious mess, and I cant see my way out. The fog only lifts once my cycle starts (hi, my period arrived today).

I've begged for stuff to help with that, (mostly for them to give me stuff in which my cycle wouldnt come anymore) but maybe an antidepressant is something I just need to do.

My mother has been on them as long as I remember. I know they help a lot of people, but i am scared. My mother always tells me, "whatever you do, dont go on them".

I admit my brain defaults to catastrophic thinking. I just dont know how to make it chill out so I can think clearly.

I have always run on fear. That's part of the reason I hide things, and i think it comes from the PTSD. I am just so scared of what might happen.

I also seem to be rather high functioning when it comes to anxiety and maybe depression.

(I may not be depressed, but I might be, I have no idea how on supposed to be feeling?)

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