I was supposed to have some time alone, he promised multiple times and yet

(Image contains a crying child on moms legs, which are covered by a blanket)

My comic updated today, everyone! It's my third anniversary of posting it online, but these characters have existed for 20 years! You should go read if you haven't: nientecomic.cfw.me

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Playing around on my iPad! I'm so excited for this character to join the team πŸ’–

This was going to be the cover but ultimately it left too much blank space and is stiff. It was a fun exercise tho to figure out the colours!

I don't care what anyone says, angels are cool

Make up brushes! I thought I was ordering two sets, not two completely different, entirely unrelated ones, but that's Wish for you haha

On the bright side they were 3$ each and they are pretty soft so πŸ‘

I made a little comic progression chart for my 2019 bujo (stolen from Sunscales, how do I tag) and it's nice to see it fill up

I love my little characters they're very cute and have good souls

It's so fun to put them in my bujo, despite difficulty drawing lately. Excited to get some colour on them!

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