There were even a few people wearing actually autistic buttons and I wanted to talk with them so much. I would live to have more chats with older people on the spectrum πŸ’–

It's so sad to me that all of these wonderful, colorful people can only exist safely in a time limited space.

It's so sad that all of us in the queer community have some fear about being out (completely valid fear, I might add)

I wish it could be like pride all the time- visual cues to others like you, buttons and pins with pronouns there for easy use, and everyone was nicer than normal

Caught the tail end of pride as the parade was dispersing. Managed to see an ace flag in it!

✨Comic Update Daaay!✨ Two new pages in which baby Al doesn't appreciate this human's dumb sense of humor #exorcismacademy #webcomic #update

I'm having a really hard time and I wish I had someone to talk to

@LhoBrockhoff if you figure it out, let me know haha. Me too

My neighbor described me as really sweet and I was like ???

Then I went to this makeup thing with my other neighbor (the son of the person above) and he wasnt embarrassed to hang out with me or introduce me to his new dating friend (is there a neutral word for boyfriend or girlfriend?)

Anyway it made me very emotional ha

@EleventhOcean ALSO, they said that this year they weren't expecting such a large turnout and they will be looking into a larger space next year!

And and the parent? They are going around schools (colleges and leo hayes, to start) to teach LGBTQ+ friendly sex ed

I uh

I teared up when they shared that, I was so happy to hear that it's getting better and more inclusive

@EleventhOcean I'm going to be making an effort to get tobias to the pride events on Sunday, tho. Super excited/ nervous haha

@EleventhOcean esp as, I dont know about you, but everyone I have regular access to are very cis so it was nice to see that there actually is a variety in our city. It seems so... homogeneous to me most of the time so it was great. I might take T in a year or three, whenever they are ready (to sit still, mostly, lol)

@EleventhOcean two local drag queens were there, Venom and Miss Amour Love and a professional makeup artist. Most there, understandably, were nb, trans, or playing with gender in some way. It was really cool

@EleventhOcean it was a little make up workshop set up by fredericton pride for pride week! It was done in the Student union building on campus (if you search 203 sub on Facebook you can find them)

It was formally called gender expressions make up workshop, arranged by nonbinary person whose name is escaping me (a parent tho, so we made a good connection)

Today, I unknowingly walked into a queer space. When I knew, I'll admit I felt like I shouldnt be there. I stayed, and I'm glad i did.

I guess I should have posted that to my Patreon, but it’s nothing official, just for fun

My cheer up draw of my soft angel child, Elisha. They’re in my webcomic, Niente Chronicles! Here

I finished my cotton candy, let’s see if I can post it from my iPad...

Lately I've been getting closer to my neighbours and a 15 year old is my best friend

Its pathetic

Most people describe me as a nice person- sometimes the nicest person they've met.

Yet I'm almost always alone. Not nice enough, I guess

He carries on like he misses the kids *so much* when they're separated but then I'm always the one doing the vast majority of watching

He'll say things like oh dont you miss them and I'm just, no, I do not. Dont make me feel bad, I spend way more time with them.

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