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I wish I had the ability to talk to other parents of trans kids (who are supportive of them).

I feel like I'm bumbling a lot. How do I deal with having misgendered my kid? Will T look back at photos of their early years and be angry with me?

My guilt comes in here because if my child would have had different genitalia at birth I would have put up with the difficulty to have the longer hair.

I feel so bad because we've kept the hair real short for two reasons: one, they were essentially bald the first two years of life, and still have some much thinner hair at the sides even now at almost 6

2, they really hate having their hair washed, its sensory related (autism)

So it was easier to keep it short, and therefore not need to wash as much.

My child seems to be about ready to transition and I'm all for it, but they dont want to start anything until their hair is longer

My poor baby

I was supposed to have some time alone, he promised multiple times and yet

(Image contains a crying child on moms legs, which are covered by a blanket)

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I didnt get to do what I wanted (comic work) but got a lot of family admin work done so at least there is that

Also I got yelled at because some papers were not where they were supposed to be, despite me telling my husband SEVERAL TIMES that I cant be the only one in charge of doing this stuff

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Someday I'm going to be finishing a double digit chapter in my comic?!?!
Someday I'll be able to do a page a week like I should be?

I can't wait

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