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A bad day 

Hi it's me, alone with some kid nagging me as usual

Excuse me while I resist the urge to jump out the window

I've been spending them just managing humans that dont listen to me and I dont achieve pretty much anything I want

I've realised recently I've basically pissed the last 5+ years of my life away and the constant panic I live with has increased dramatically

I'd like to do hourly comics but it's just be me alone chasing kids all day and throughout the night while also keeping husband on task

You bring in a diagnosis and all of that can change very fast. You go from assuming they grow up, graduate, maybe marry to

What if they never speak? Will they be able to live on their own? What happens when I'm too weak or sick to care for them? What options are there?

You dont worry about any of that with a healthy, neurotypical child and for you to say that it's the same is dishonest and offensive

Overwhelmingly sad due to a stupid tweet

Its normal to grieve after a diagnosis. It's okay to take time to come to terms with your plans changing.

Every parent knows it's going to be tough, but you have these thoughts and dreams of what those kids' lives will be once they grow up and move out

There’s a whole genre of Reddit posts where teens ask how to get vaccinated without their parents consenting.

Just. Just so you know, that’s a thing.

Regarding my comic, I think I might just start releasing pages as i finish them, who knows

I think I'll get used to it fast tho, after I recorded my drawing a comic page the first time I was suddenly over that stage fright

The channel will be mostly art based speed draws with voiceovers, hopefully itll be a good chance to get used to my own voice lol

I won't be sharing videos on Twitter but I will here, but YouTube will link to Twitter

I made a separate art Instagram too, I'll link it here once I upload some things

For my banner on thinking pretty simple, purple and yellow, maybe a drawing of myself?

With my work, I'm looking forward to getting to a point where I'm not the only one excited and people can tell that I love this project

I should state that I'm doing YouTube because it seems like fun, I wanted to learn a new skill, and maybe if I'm posting somewhere that MAYBE *MAYBE* might earn me a few coins I might be enabled to draw more often

I gotta make a banner 😭 I'm so bad at branding pls help lol

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