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WSI Pakistan held a protest demonstration against brutal killing of renowned comedian actor Khasha Zawan by Taliban @ Karachi Press Club.

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Nazar Mohammad, a well-known Afghan comedian, better know as Khasha Zwan or Khasha Kandahari was murdered by Taliban.

Taliban filmed his last moments as he was brutally slapped and abused before being shot.

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29 Jul 1962 fascist Oswald Mosley tried to march with the Union Movement in Manchester, UK. However, he was attacked by anti-fascists and had to be rescued by police. A Mosley speech later was drowned out by a crowd of anti-fascists. More info: patreon.com/posts/e37b-62-grou

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"Die @99prznt-Initiative stärkt die Kaufkraft der Menschen mit tiefen und mittleren Einkommen. Das ist gut für die 🇨🇭 Wirtschaft und KMU!"

Im @10vor10 durfte ich erklären, weshalb die 99%-Initiative nicht nur 0 Problem, sondern sogar gut für KMU ist:

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Bei den ersten olympischen Spielen der Neuzeit holte der jüdische Turner Felix Flatow den 1.Platz für 🇩🇪 an Barren & Reck.

Von der sog. deutschen verstoßen, starb er 1945 auf 20kg abgemagert im Ghetto Theresienstadt.

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Genaveh city minutes ago;
death to dictator

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Susangard city is full of blood.
According to local sources, heavy fighting is taking place in Susangard. The repressive forces are firing directly at the people, and the city's internet has a lot of interruptions.

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The uprising started because they had no water to drink, and now the state brought a machine full of water to suppress them!!!

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Memorial to 4 of 50 Norwegians who died fighting with the International brigades in Spain hung on a tree on little island of Otoya.Inaugurated on this day yesterday,20 July 2011, 2 days before fascist terror attack on same island by Anders Breivik by some of whom he then murdered

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The state brought tank to suppress us, but we resist and burned it down.
Uprising of Al-ahwaz: People in Susangard burned down the tank that the regime brought to suppress them. Watch real ACAB in Iran.

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21 Jul 2001 Italian police in Genoa raided the Armando Diaz school and brutally beat the protesters staying there. The victims were then arrested and tortured by officers, who were never punished. Here is an article about the sentences from 2012: libcom.org/blog/genova-2001-11

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21 Jul 1936 this iconic photograph of 17-year-old communist Marina Ginestà was taken in revolutionary Barcelona by Juan Guzmán atop the Hotel Colón. Ginestà survived the war and lived until 2014. Learn more about the conflict in our new podcast: workingclasshistory.com/2018/0

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20 Jul 2001 Carlo Giuliani, a 23-year-old Italian anarchist, was shot in the face at point-blank range and run over by police during protests against the G8 summit. The European Court of Human Rights absolved Italy of Giuliani's death in 2009. libcom.org/news/european-court

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Bundeskanzler Thurnherr in TA-Media-Zeitungen: "wir mussten keine Patienten abweisen". Angehörige eines Patienten in CH-Media-Zeitungen:

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James Hansen warned us. In 1988. ''Global warming has reached a level such that we can ascribe with a high degree of confidence a cause and effect relationship between the greenhouse effect and observed warming,'' he said. ''It is already happening now.'' nytimes.com/1988/06/24/us/glob

Hab das gelesen und mcu gefragt, wieso sich scheinbar niemand rchtig entschuldigen kann. Dann ist mr eingefallen, dass mir das auch so beigebracht worden ist, von der aargauischen Industrie- und Handelskammer an der Kanti Wohlen während einer "Wirtschaftswoche"

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A Kenyan environmental activist has been killed in her own home. She helped save Kiambu forest from destruction by developers. Where is the justice here? This is total evil! There is freedom of speech and expression in this country! Rest in peace Joanna.

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Die @Weltwoche hat einen Artikel mit "zehn goldenen Regeln" für junge Frauen im Ausgang publiziert. Wir haben den Artikel einer Korrektur unterzogen. 👇

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