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Hey all! I'm moving to @bunnyjane! Follow me there for all your cool janitor bunny news, updates, and more!

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How To Be An Ethical Consumer:

- Don't buy from Amazon
- Spend half an hour researching where else you can buy the thing you want
- Order it from a small business
- The small business orders it from Amazon and just has it shipped to you
- Oh no
- There's no ethical consumption in a system with these fucked up power dynamics

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Gender is real. My gender is real. I fought hard for it.

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You all gotta be more specific or you're gonna give me heart problems with your declarations of super strong feelings about things that could be read a lot of ways. Sometimes TERFs and super cool queer trans girls can sound a lot alike if they're vague enough.

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@nein09 I'm living in Mohican territory, the Mohawk Valley. This is the website that pointed me to

There is a really good museum near Howe's Cavern that I went to. They have exhibits that cover a lot of native people in the north east.

I grew up on the land of the Nissaquogues. A lot of places on Long Island are named for the native people there.

Hey is NameCheap, like, a decent way to get a domain name? I feel like I heard bad things about them.

Boosts may not be endorsements, but they're so easily confused for endorsement that you might as well only use them in that capacity.

my outfit today is way less lesbian than it was yesterday, so I'm just gonna repost this


full outfit (leggings by


My two new best friends, Wilson and his brother Filson, arrived today. Filson's head immediately fell off but I provided him some sticky tack to hold it on.

It turns out Wilson is a champion marathon walker! He can walk almost indefinitely. If he starts going too fast he will slow down and steady himself before he falls over. He's even pretty steady going backwards.

Filson is a little too excitable. He's always eager to get going, but then he goes too fast and loses his balance.

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so this is generally brought up re: tattoos but it seems worth saying in general.

when people shames you by asking how something will seem/look/sound/etc when you get older, they're presuming that you will become the kind of person we consider the currently elderly to be.

I also updated the Real Gayer sticker in Set B! Let's be real, this version of the Pride flag is objectively better.

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OKAY now that that's all sorted out: say hello to my newest sticker designs! These will be available at the Toronto Comic Arts Fest on May 11th and 12th, and in our online store ( shortly after!

The first sticker, "AMIGAS", will replace the "" sticker in my C pack. The "TESTOSTERONE", "STOP" AND "GOOD-ASS POSTS" stickers will comprise the all-new Set D!

Ok, serious question: I'm the dad of a transitioning female to male, 17 yo beginning T treatments, what are we in for? Mood swings, more than typical teenager? Something different? DM if you prefer.

Monbiot cautions: โ€œWe donโ€™t want natural climate solutions to be used as a substitute for the rapid and comprehensive decarbonization of our economies. The science tells us both are needed.โ€

โ€œBut,โ€ he continues, โ€œwhat this thrilling field of study shows is that protecting and rewilding the worldโ€™s living systems is not just an aesthetically pleasing thing to do. It is an essential survival strategy.โ€

An easy, cost-effective way to address climate change? Massive reforestation.

Re-assembled my walking machine prototype with a new body. I knew I saved that cardboard tube for a reason.

Already it walks better than my coffee-stirrer-based prototype. It doesn't walk much further, but its easier to get started and it doesn't fall over when it stops.

Next steps are making improved legs and feet, and attaching tiny weights to fine tune the balance.

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I'm late on this, but sharing in case others have also not heard: Emily Dickinson was totes a lesbian, and the proof was censored out of her letters by her lover's husband's mistress. spectrographic technology allowed the censored parts to be revealed! and there's a movie out about it now.

reading this article on how metastasizing corporate social media suffocated community on the internet (in particular art communities like deviantart) makes me think thatโ€”like learning html and cssโ€”learning how to set up and administer and customize your own installation of forum/community software should be considered a basic part of internet literacy

Anybody know where a bun could procure an Apple ][ serial mouse, mechoptical innards, one-button, DB-9 connector for cheap to Toronto, ON? Non-functional preferred.

Feel free to boost.

While there are many aspects of Catholicism I find vexing, the one that confuses me most I just found out. There are two lent-acceptable red meats: beaver and capybara.

BTW maybe I should mention that this is a stylist who makes house calls for trans folks who are too anxious to go to out to get their hair done. I'm not going to a salon.

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My desire to remake Patlabor as an explicitly gendery queer narrative rises every time I watch an episode. Izumi Noa is already a futch icon, and Hiromi-chan is adorable, and mecha stories have untapped potential for gender metaphors.

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