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Get your TERFS CAN EAT MY DIRT stickers, mugs, and t-shirts only on the Trans Cyclist Redbubble shop!

cities should take over their own internet infrastructure, and anonymize all traffic so their citizens are protected from surveillance

trans, new-agey concoctions Show more

I'm always so charmed by these alarm clocks that are explicitly designed to interface with now-obsolete technologies and that only exist in hotels

Discourse, inspired by the change to CWs Show more

Discourse, inspired by the change to CWs Show more

So, in #DonQuixote, ever so once in a while the characters just stop whatever they're doing and either pick up a book and start reading it out loud, or sit around a campfire and start telling some story. That is, the main plot just stops, and we get a chapter or two of a completely unrelated story-within-a-story.

At the time, Cervantes thought people needed to get their money's worth, by getting several stories at once.

Today, we continue this tradition by stuffing #videogames with minigames.

Are there any black trans game developers out there in masto land that are willing to make themselves known and point me to your work?

Casual reminder: The Sega Dreamcast was a glorious monument to gaming hedonism. This is what it used for memory cards, people.

Who are some cool mastonerds I should follow?

conspiracy theorist: that's what they want you to think! that's how they get you!
skeptic: who's ""they"" hmmmm?
conspiracy theorist: oh, my friend sam, they don't believe in any of this stuff and are always trying to convince me otherwise

Love like a song played too often
my heart
is no longer what skips.
Love like a bus card empty and forgotten,
love like loose change 5p short.
Love like a hasty message on the bus stop in white marker.
โ€˜Thereโ€™s always somewhere other than here.โ€™
Love like a clenched jaw against the winter cold,
love like waiting, love like leaving.

My friend and her female co-founder (just the two of them) run a clothing partnership that only makes with . I'm sure they would also appreciate a shout-out.

@Gargron thanks for supporting & , and for all the hard work you put into @Mastodon

Are you using Googles reCAPTCHA on your website? Now is the time to stop.

Is there a great FLOSS alternative for this type of thing? Please let me know!