How To Be An Ethical Consumer:

- Don't buy from Amazon
- Spend half an hour researching where else you can buy the thing you want
- Order it from a small business
- The small business orders it from Amazon and just has it shipped to you
- Oh no
- There's no ethical consumption in a system with these fucked up power dynamics

That's not to say don't try to avoid Amazon. Just be aware that sometimes it doesn't work out and know that drop-shipping is a thing (the thing I described above).

@Chuculate it's called drop shipping if you want to look into it. Planet Money did a good podcast episode about drop shipping.


maybe the real treasure was never going to be ethical consumerism but the fact that businesses who don't dropship products from Amazon can still order stuff they need without feeding back into the megacorp, and eventually have just enough clout to buy direct from manufacturers and cut Amazon out of their process and, perhaps someday, be part of why Amazon isn't a megacorp any more



@sadie_bunny It's all fucked up, and benefits only to amazon's shareholders… The only package I ever received from amazon was buyed… on it's own manufaturer's website… 🤦‍♂️ And I had no idea until I received it and noticed amazon's logos on the parcel…

The second time I had to avoid amazon, it worked, but I had to pay 46€ customs fees for something that costs approximately 100€ (+30 shipping costs) because it was sent from the USA, not from an european country… -_-

@sadie_bunny The trick is to buy stuff you CAN'T buy at amazon.

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