Heart break for Schumacher again; he was driving so well. is having a rough one

Early days as only lap 7/70, but Haas is looking solid… then Magnussen pits to fix the damage just as I was about to press publish

Insane starting grid for tomorrow's good effort from hope they both can grab some points tomorrow. Really looking forward to see what Leclerc can do with starting at the rear of the pack. Cheering for a Sainz P1!

Not NSFW, just a selfie 

My wife and I (and son who was on photographer duty) had a chance to visit San Francisco on our recent travel. So here is our mandatory photo with the Golden Gate Bridge acting as the background.

Second book complete on my Initial goal was to complete five for the year based on a purposely lowballed goal.


Looking for recommendations for a habit tracker; what do you all use? I'm okay with an app (iOS) or physical notebook, photos of your set up are welcomed! Thank you!

We need to disengage with the false notion that "police stop crime”: their responses are mainly reactionary and rely on the community for actual labor. prospect.org/justice/why-are-p (jacky.wtf/2022/6/O0iK)

What is a good age to start a mid-life crisis?? 🤔 🤔 😂

Texas uspol Social Media 

The state of this quote; utter ridiculousness:

"Suppose, for example, that a Twitter user named @HitlerWasRight sent a tweet calling for the systematic execution of all Jewish people. Under Texas’s law, Twitter could not delete this tweet, or ban this user, if it did not do the same to any user who took the opposite viewpoint — that is, that Jews should be allowed to continue living"


Joke, lewd 

What's the quickie version of sexting?

"Fuck you!"
"Fuck you too!"

I'm way behind the power curve on this show, but my goodness Ted Lasso is a hilariously amazing program. Highly recommend a watch

I love this photo; the raw emotion from Checo after his win... then he tripped during his celebration.

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When you’re trying to listen to discuss the issues with Ferrari’s strategy but get distracted by a Moment behind him where and Daniel have a little hug

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