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After bending down for google, they finally removed the stupid "Harmful software" warning from google's 'safe browsing' which is used by pretty much all mainstream browsers out there.

We did have to create a google account, verify ownership of the domain (meaning connect that account with disroot.org) and beg for forgiveness because of one public share link google did not like. There was no other way to do it which only shows how big players abuse their power.

@kiri @stick @cypherpunk Interesting! Whit Diffie has a nice historical perspective related to these projects: "cryptography---cryptographic algorithms---look great, but everything from cryptographic implementations to OSes, hypervisors, etc., look dreadful. The pressing computer security issue today is one raised in the 1970's, which we have not really addressed in a widespread way: the confinement problem."

Starting around 45:20.


#infosec #cryptography #privacy

Patel is all for 'personal responsibility' – unless you're home secretary - theguardian.com/commentisfree/ "Johnson...delayed reading the completed report for months because he didn’t want to have to deal with it. He doesn’t even want to take responsibility for taking responsibility."

Good news for Canada! Canada proposes new privacy bill that allows Canadians to force companies to destroy all data they’ve collected about them. Sounds a bit like the GDPR has traveled across the Atlantic. 😀👇

Hands up if you fancy helping the #gitportal project by doing a no hurry, no pressure learning/side project making a simple web proxy to run in a browser using Golan/Wasm (or Rust for that matter). More here: safenetforum.org/t/safenetwork
#p2p #git #Golang #wasm #help!

Imagine having the internet archive built into every website.

This is one of the big changes #MaidSafe are bringing with SafeNetwork.tech, a truly decentralised network with #security and anonymity baked in. All data and comms #e2e #encrypted.

Now back to #p2p #gitportal!

Link rot is such a pervasive problem for anything that's older than 1-2 years. I wish more folks at all levels of managing websites would have some awareness that keeping URLs stable or setting up redirects is important for our collective memory.

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2 died of Ebola: They said Obama should resign.

4 died in Benghazi: They had Hillary testify for 11 hours, held 33 hearings, and launched a multiyear probe.

248,585 died thanks to Trump’s malevolence: They cheer him on, and deny the reality that he lost to Biden by a landslide.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Strandjunker/statu

Well, last month we have brought an old friend back to life.

TryLinux, our Linux distribution site is back up and running and with a bunch of updates!


I don't know anymore how I've stumbled across this (probably through fediverse): if you are interested in life-long #learning, you should check out #learnawesome:

It's an #OpenSource project with the vision of creating "humanity's learning map". Pretty awesome!🎉

Updating the Safe Network lexicon: Replacing the terms Account, Safecoin and Vault

We’re updating the Safe Network lexicon for end users, and replacing the terms Account, Safecoin and Vault.

UI designer Jim Collinson has prepared a video explainer, which sets out in detail why we need to do this, and what we are proposing to replace them with.



Safe Network Dev Update - November 12, 2020

-Some big updates to the Lexicon unveiled! Watch the video.

- Work underway to support multiple clients using the same public key to connect concurrently and mutate data.

- Further network startup performance improvements have been merged to sn_routing.


I don’t doubt that Apple’s new MacBook is a technological marvel. As they now make the OS, CPU and GPU, I believe their claims of much improved performance while also using less energy.


It seems to me like the software is going to be even more closed than before. Now you can’t even install Windows or Linux on their computer anymore. And it seems like Apple will be able to prevent you from installing an app they don’t want you to install.

I want that computer, made by someone else.

A president who is unwilling to make a concession speech is a president who aims for a coup. Without a party that has apparently lost even the last shred of democratic dignity and backbone, it would be nothing but a final smudge at the end of a painful episode before the necessary basic political cleanup begins. But with the support of this party it opens the gates to a state crisis with an uncertain outcome.

Hi chaps, I thought I’d best introduce myself. I am very interested in FOSS and privacy. I do tend to not post or comment much unless I have something useful or helpful to say. I am currently a stay at home dad but have worked in microbiology and chemistry. To fill me very little downtime I am doing an OU degree and learning more about mobile Linux with my trusty BH #Pinephone running #Mobian. I am also undergoing the diagnostic process for ASD. #introductions

We live in Philip K. Dick’s future, not George Orwell’s or Aldous Huxley’s. Dick believed that we all live in a world where “spurious realities are manufactured by the media, by governments, by big corporations, by religious groups, political groups—and the electronic hardware exists by which to deliver these pseudo-worlds right into heads of the reader.”

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