The Next Generation of MaidSafe Team Members

As we kick off 2019, we’ve been joined by a number of new staff. Today, we’re starting off with a few ‘hellos’ by three top-notch interns who’ve joined various teams and are all based in the Chennai office.


Video: Crypto Beadles interviews Maidsafe's Dug Campbell on decentralising the internet and the new Android APK!

Develop Native Android DApps on the SAFE Network (Video)

Java Developer Lionel Faber walks us through the latest release. This release of a API, alongside the Mobile SAFE Authenticator app.

Developers can now develop native apps on the SAFE Network.

Lionel also gives an overview of the tutorial and how best you can run it to get started developing with these new APIs.

If you like Firefox Containers then you might want to check out this fork. It's very nice.

"Fork of Multi-Account Containers that adds transition rules, which let you choose the container to open a page based on the opening container. It also adds other improvements to reduce papercuts and unwanted prompts."

#firefox #containers #privacy

Hi, I'm a university student on informatics and recently I've been getting interested in #ai and its applications to improve education. I don't know exactly where to start, can anyone give me some advice?

Technology & Choice, and SAFE Crossroads podcast

Interview with Lionel Faber, front-end developer with

We talk about mobile development for SAFE in general and the new developer tools for native apps in particular.

Adblocking isn't unethical. Covering your website in trackers, spying on users, and compromising their security to make a buck is.

SAFE Network Dev Update - January 10, 2019

- Support for developers to build native Android SAFE apps
- What 2018 meant for the
- Most crates updated to use the 2018 edition
- Still on the lookout for a Network Engineer

The SAFE Network Goes Mobile!

Today, we’ve got some good news to kick off 2019. We’re pleased to announce that we’re releasing support for building on the for mobile developers!

I really care about privacy, that's why I use linux, I won't use gmail, and I have never had a facebook account.
Oh, my home interface? I have an alexa and smart meter with apps running everything..

Video: Developing Dapps for SAFE - Jimmy Lipham

"MaidSafe has been around since 2006 in some form or another. Started by Scottish engineer David Irvine, the community sets out to shape Internet 3.0 via the SAFE Browser and SAFE Network. In this video, I tear down the tech, develop a dApp and give my review of what they're up to."

whenever i see someone ask a question about computers that i feel is obvious, rather than saying READ THE MANUAL DO IT YOURSELF or HOW COULD YOU BE THIS UNINTELLIGENT i just explain how to do the thing, thus giving people a good experience with the community instead of making people associate linux users with smug, condescending, self-righteous asses

I wrote down some thoughts about #35C3 and why this year's congress resonated with me:

If you didn't yet know, Google is datamining GMail etc for purchase confirmation emails amongst other things and aggregating it for their own purposes in an extremely detailed way.

(Everything you purchased with order ids, detailed billing details, VAT, including subscriptions etc)

Do not believe a single word about how this information is kept private. There is zero reason to build a system to aggregate this and then not use it to make money out of.

The other day, I got into a discussion with a #blockchain/anarchist enthusiast. He said a number of silly things (like government *requires* taxation), but the big silly was his claim that blockchain made #anarchism possible and government unnecessary. 1/11

SAFE Network Dev Update - December 20, 2018

- Medium post about SAFE and
- SAFE Browser v0.11.0 released
- New podcast about the SAFE Browser
- Toolbox.dapp: analyse safe-URL Remap a subName, JSON to MutableData
- Encryption changes finished, everything put on the wire is now encrypted

Now that the discourse around #Facebook begins to implicitly accept that it's declining or collapsing, it's become a sure thing. To help accelerate the decline, remind your friends and family of the services that Facebook owns that they should avoid along with the social network: #Instagram, #Whatsapp.
Remind them that #Google are just a more powerful Facebook.
Before they migrate to a new silo, and a new master.. let them know something new is growing over here on the Fediverse.

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