Safe Network Update 12 May

One of the simplest but most fundamental features in the Safe Network design is Node Age.

Essentially, Node Age replaces systems like Proof Of Work in rewarding good behaviour, punishing bad, and making life very difficult for a Sybil attacker.

It provides an important measure of the quality and ongoing trustworthiness of every node, and is our featured topic this time around.

My 2022 predictions from 2012

Exactly a decade ago, I asked "Why Can't Red Dwarf Predict The Future?" That is - sci-fi writers can imagine interstellar travel and sentient computers, but they think the future will still involve developing film photographs, library fines, and 3-pin electrical plugs.

At the end of the post, I said:

Here are my thoughts on some trivial aspects of our l


I've noticed some otherwise very smart people have developed an almost cult-like antipathy to blockchains. The closed loop logic looks like;

Them: blockchains are evil and wrong because use huge energy

Me: point to peer-reviewed evidence that different blockchains have wildly different energy usage and that usage per user or transaction actually drops off after a certain scale is reached

Them: blockchains use huge energy for no legitimate uses


Fucking NIMBYs. Honestly.

'Mr Lukashenko also said that any suggestion that Russia might use nuclear weapons against Ukraine was "unacceptable because it's right next to us".'

Safe Network Update 5 May

We’ve dug into the workings of digital bearer certificates (DBCs) a fair bit of late, investigating how they work and why they are such a good fit for the , but what actually happens when you pay for a data upload or transfer some SNT to another person? DBC transactions are the topic of this week’s update.

Remember the outcry for Microsoft buying GitHub and developers (allegedly) leaving en masse? It didn't happen and GitHub is as a monopoly today as it was back then. Musk/Twitter is analogous. We need to make federated alternatives better than centralized ones. Outcry won't do it.

Wow, so many new #Rust people here!😍

Of course, other new people, who don't do Rust, are welcome as well.❤️

Safe Network Update 28 April

This week, with some major hurdles now behind us, including membership implementation, handover consensus almost merged and the squashing of the memory spiking bugs that were plaguing the testnets, we thought it would be good to have a look at what we’ve achieved and what is still left to do.

I for one am energized by the coincidence of billionaire and centralization anger and think we should JUICE IT FOR ALL IT'S WORTH. I am new to the fediverse, but am also a tacticalist and unionist, and naïvete is useful: can we pool examples of "amazing things fedi can do that platform social media can't" as messaging material!?!?!? !/

Update 21 April, 2022

Last week we noted that Digital Bearer Certificates (DBCs) have been around for quite some time but have failed to gain traction as a basis for digital cash. In part this is because they required some sort of centralised governance.

We believe that with ’s unique architecture, DBCs will finally live up to their potential.

Safe Network Update 14 April

If you Google Digital Bearer Certificates our forum comes up in the first page of results, which is pretty amazing when you think they date back to the 1990s and how potentially useful they are. This week we review of the history of DBCs as digital cash.

Oh, and eMaid (ERC20) has finally launched. 🎉

John Oliver on #SurveillanceCapitalism and Data Brokers

From Last Week Tonight With John Oliver. Excellent episode and a real call to arms for those who are not aware.

We're debating ways that Safe Network can reward creativity without the burden and downsides of having to use walled gardens, advertising, gatekeepers and other problematic business models.

Like to earn from your creativity (writing, music, code etc)?


19/ The idea that the Europeans can rest on their laurels for 50 years while the Americans and Chinese do the work of digital industrialization...

and also expect that the Europeans will have the best lives in the end, well that is a fairy tale.

A bedtime story for children.


Safe Network Update 31 March 2022

Today we’re pleased to throw open the gates of the DBC Playground.

Lucky Alice has 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 freshly minted tokens and she’s generously agreed to give 100,000 to Bob. So Bob gives Alice his public key, and Alice generates a DBC just for him.

You can recreate this scenario (and possibly some more exciting variations) in the DBC Playground.

I had one of those “Why didn’t that ever occur to me before?” moments. The time between the #Equinoxes is not symmetrical. It’s about 186 days between the #March and #September equinoxes and about 179 days from September to March. This is because the speed of the #Earth in its #orbit varies as it’s #elliptical rather than circular. I never bothered to count the days and yet it’s “obvious” when you look at the calendar. This gives an eccentricity of the orbit to be around 0.015.

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