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Erstkate / safzoro / cantberra / orozfas on Twitter. If you like me there you'll like me here and if not, not. Just so you know.

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negative math shitpost 

Theorem: everything is crap
Proof: Axiomatically, 90% of everything is crap. But per the same axiom, 90% of the remaining 10% is also crap. The proportion of things that are crap after n applications of the axiom is 0.9ⁿ, the limit of which as n→∞ is 1. ∎

I am shopping wearing leggings as pants, while fat. Such a rebel.

Politics slightly 

Astounding how quickly the politics podcasts become redundant. They're only looking at the next immediate event, not towards the broader picture.

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the first 4 seconds of "Ana Ng" is the last time that rock music sounded genuinely futuristic (1988)

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on the one hand, need sleep. on the other hand is a tiny pug.

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🎶 everything you do, he'll want to talk to you
reply guy (reply guy)
nothing you can say will make him go away
reply guy (why guy, why guy) 🎶

One of the nice things about being deafish is that I can still hear some birds but the traffic noise is filtered out.

Grisly knee graze pic 

Ew. Is this infected?

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*Jesus gives you bread*
This is my body
*Jesus gives you wine*
This is my blood
*Jesus sticks your hands into a bowl of soggy noodles*
And these are my brains

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did you know that homeschooling moms were still worried about d&d having demons and magic in it in the late 2000s?

did you know that there is a christian version of d&d literally called “Holy Lands”? where you play as characters ordained by god, including the ability to _call down miracles_?

did you know that with a little imagination and a mischievous uncle for a DM that ends up being _way_ more blasphemous than d&d would have been?

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More about me 

All my kids are queer
I'm old, but not quite a boomer
I believe in treating everyone well, seeing the good in everyone, and that everyone deserves a minimum level of funding to survive
That makes me old school leftie and progressive. Not Marxist though, because I believe some humans are too geared to taking advantage of chaos and individuals will grab absolute power and all the wealth if they can.

84 muffins made, 5 bags of rapidly defrosted frozen fruit rescued.

54 muffins down, 12 to go... these are low carb cherry "chocolate" (nothing low carb can ever really be called chocolate but anyway.)

"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.""To help some of the newcomers"

I'm sure you're not supposed to laugh at that

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