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----- House Stackoverflow : "You're missing a semicolon on line 437"


More reason for me to learn TensorFlow..

"[...] introducing the TensorFlow Research Cloud (TFRC), a cluster of 1,000 Cloud TPUs that will be made available free of charge to support a broad range of computationally-intensive research projects"

From X-XSS, HSTS, to cookies, here is everything you need to know about HTTP security headers

Maybe it was invisible? ๐Ÿค”

Lessons from last weekโ€™s cyberattack -

One other key to be kept in mind is that, if you have so much power to control over something, it's best for you to just drop it. Because someday, you might lose it and some jerks can use it for something terrible.

NSA, I'm looking at you.

What?! Did wannacry malware spreading resumed?

I guess because washing machine and clock has similar method to work.

More or less. ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ

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The World Is Getting Hacked. Why Donโ€™t We Do More to Stop It?

Fundamentally, software needs to have legal liability when used in critical systems. A hospital shutting down because of software needs to be able to sue software makers, who in turn needs to be able to sue library and OS authors. I'm not sure how that dependency chain should be organized to shelter FOSS, or to protect some Joe who got his software pulled in without building it to Standard.

@veryneum I wonder if it was new or newly discovered..

And here I am, wasting my time...

@se7entime I don't see it on my trusted sources, so, I have no idea. Where was it?

It seems like two Jakarta hospitals are still sufferingโ€‹ the ransomware.