What you can do, as a person and company, for PostgreSQL growth, by Simon Riggs.

Something everyone will appreciate. REINDEX CONCURRENTLY in 12

What is a sequential scan in database process?

Remember when you were only having one drawer to store all of your toys and gadgets? Finding your favorite toy car is not hard, right?

Now, imagine you have thousands, or even billions of that drawer. Now, do you think it's easy to find your specific red-toy-car? No, because you have to go through your billions drawers one by one.

You will find it, but it takes time.

That is sequential scan in database process.

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The new :pixelfed: Compose UI is huge. It will replace both the original and experimental UIs.

Some highlights:
- Optimized for mobile web
- Live Filter Preview
- Improved album support
- Optional Location Tagging
- Image tools
- Add License
- Easier image descriptions
- Preserve EXIF
- Photographer Mode
- HQ Mode (no resizing or optimizations)
- Location, description and licence are added to the image EXIF media and thumbnails.

and more.

I can't wait to ship this!

Top 10 search query in Google from Indonesians.

I am surprised that Indonesians search for "cuaca/weather".

Considering Indonesian weather is just... predictable. Haha

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Changing user password to SCRAM-SHA-256 mode.

Easy and secure.

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:pixelfed: Circles will enable users to have more control over the content they share! I can't wait to ship this feature!

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We are working with other projects to take ActivityPub to the next level with new features like Ephemeral Stories and Live Streaming.

It will be a great year!

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