What you can do, as a person and company, for PostgreSQL growth, by Simon Riggs.

Something everyone will appreciate. REINDEX CONCURRENTLY in 12

Top 10 search query in Google from Indonesians.

I am surprised that Indonesians search for "cuaca/weather".

Considering Indonesian weather is just... predictable. Haha

Changing user password to SCRAM-SHA-256 mode.

Easy and secure.

So, kohlrabi is a cousin to broccoli, but the best one. Because it's sweet and you can eat them raw.

While some people don't like broccoli, or other cousins, because of the compound that they have, everyone can enjoy kohlrabi.

Although, I never saw kohlrabi in a farm in real life.

Database usage from Python developers. I am happy that is the number one choice 😀

Python editor usage. PyCharm is dominated for sure, but look at that VSCode!

Brussels, near Gare du Midi. No idea what had happened, but probably the aftermath of a temporary market.

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