that the longest time for a nicotine craving will last is 180 seconds. So, all you have to do is resist for 3 minutes.

I don't smoke, so I cannot speak for myself. But, that's what it said. Good luck!

@mmn @colegota β€œWhen they get PR out of it” negates the β€œwithout giving anything back.” What you’re giving back by legitimising them is the thing they need the most. The only thing that will limit Google is regulation. They know this. Eric Schmidt once told me β€œI wake up every morning and I fight regulation. It’s my job. It’s what I do.” We cannot regulate effectively as long as they remain socially acceptable.


v0.8.0 will be a big release.

Some highlights:

- It will be the biggest UI update (not including MicroUI) since August.
- Improved federation support
- S3/Wasabi/Spaces/Minio support
- MicroUI (beta, full release expected in v1.0)
- Stories (beta, full release expected in v1.0)

my favorite Indonesian word is "orangtua" (parent), which is not only gender-neutral but also singular-plural-neutral too. bam, nobody knows whether you come from a single-parent or a five-parent household.

Is this statement still true if the one that's accessing your phone's data is an app developed by, say, Facebook? Does iOS has a policy to block these data being sent out elsewhere?

@neny oh wow.. Super sekali rupanya. Haha... Besok saya coba cek di supermarket sini ah. Siapa tau ada.

@neny ini dapat nangka muda dari mana? Ada yang jual di Manchester?

@FerdiZ I agree.

Wait, wait, wait.. Should I agree? Or disagree?

Sorry, written in Indonesian.

My only hope is that the government will take better action for this, resulting in better decisions for future management. Because we are talking about people's lives.

@sai This is why they’re so desperate to push their β€œupgrade” programmes where you return your old phone and get the latest. Keeps the wheel of consumption churning and looks good on their numbers. Heaven forbid you repair your current phone and keep using it like some sort of communist!

As long as growth is our success criteria, we will keep celebrating tumours instead of trying to eradicate them.

So, advocates are trying to push users rights to repair their own phones, and now Tim Cook said that repair hurts them, with "evidence".

Hmm... Something smells fishy.

@neny eh, tetep aja. PatheNL ini student harganya EUR10.25.

@neny masih lebih murah dibandingkan Pathe di sini. hahaha

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