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So, kohlrabi is a cousin to broccoli, but the best one. Because it's sweet and you can eat them raw.

While some people don't like broccoli, or other cousins, because of the compound that they have, everyone can enjoy kohlrabi.

Although, I never saw kohlrabi in a farm in real life.

Database usage from Python developers. I am happy that is the number one choice 😀

Python editor usage. PyCharm is dominated for sure, but look at that VSCode!

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@conservancy Thanks for #CopyleftConf zero! I'm curious as to where recordings can be found of the talks, most specifically the opening one by @mollydb

Sometimes my brain is so tired, that during my metro ride, I'm feeling like I am heading in the reversed direction.

And I cannot get it right, or reverse, even if I know that I am heading to the correct direction.

Yay! certificate is now renewed. 😂

I wonder how's the progress of Indonesian instance of Mastodon.

Any idea @FerdiZ? Should I create one myself?

I've been using VSCode for my editor and using WordWrap as one should be. But never got it working until today.

Turns out, I am just a moron, because the fix is very easy. But, not obvious.

At first I was thinking about praying outside, maybe in the park or some empty parking spot.

The bad news is that it was raining the whole Saturday. So, yeah, it's wet and dirty everywhere.

While it was quite clear day during Sunday, I couldn't find any place. Because it was too crowded. :D

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Last weekend I went to FOSDEM. And being a Moslem means that I have to find a place to pray.

Unfortunately, the ULB (FOSDEM location) was quite far from my hotel which means I cannot go back.

After some time exploring ULB via booklet handed-over by FOSDEM staff, I went to the cloackroom. But, of course they wouldn't let me because it stores valuable stuffs.

So, I went to "first aid area." And they let me do the prayers, despite me not able to speak French, and they have little English.

Brussels, near Gare du Midi. No idea what had happened, but probably the aftermath of a temporary market.

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