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Don't forget to mark your GoT 7x4 toots with spoilers, people.

There will be lunar eclipse happening tonight visible across Asia, Australia and some other countries as well. In Indonesia the partial eclipse will start at 11.22 PM and the greatest will happen on midnight.

Whenever I see I still think about "no problem" instead of "now playing"

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Super old screenshots (March 2016) :O

Hello.... long time no see.

You know, work.

The mummified Ankylosaurus is broken. :((



That was my reaction for 2 minutes.

This new photo of Jupiter looks like a painting.

Photo: NASA

The Benefits of Talking to Yourself

“My bet is that self-talk works best on problems where you’re trying to stay on task and there are possible distractions. For tasks with a multistep sequence, talking to yourself out loud can help you keep out distractions and remind yourself where you are.”

I can use this as my excuse..

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Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus is posting the new feature for OnePlus 5 and the forum members are disappointed

I am no OnePlus user, but I can recall those feelings from users when the company is adding features for other people from your feedbacks, instead of for yourself.