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A place I need to visit sometimes..

Imagining myself floating loosely in the space always gives me tingling sensation.


Oh my God! This is beautiful. I have no idea who'll be the narrator, but I cannot wait for this.

Blue Planet II.

A research found that Zika virus can kill gioblastoma cancer, one of the deadliest cancers.

This is like combating something dangerous with a dangerous tool.

Maybe it's time to start the stream processing..

Postgres to Kafka to HDFS.

What does do?

Using instead of linking to questionable websites directly will prevent your links from improving these websites' position in search engines. Additionally will remove the referer, so the linked website will not know where its visitors are coming from.

How does it work?

β€’ This url is blocked in our robots.txt file, so (search engine) robots are discouraged from crawling it.
β€’ The "nofollow" attribute of the link and the intermediate page give robots another reminder to not crawl the link.
β€’ If a known robot does decide to crawl the link, our code will identify it and serve it a blank page (403 Forbidden) instead of redirecting to the url.
β€’ Redirects are implemented via JavaScript and not via http response status codes so the browser will remove the referer from the request.

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