my friend lilas not allowed to look at this 

im making a moodboard and its got star themes so i made a lil sprite edit with saiharas eyelashes as stars woo

cp ment and p***philia...continued 

1) "nikki and kimi dont look 18 but people still ship them" theres a difference between an artstyle and actually fucking coding people to look like/act like children
2) they're not even an AGE GAP SHIP GO AWAY

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also i made this bc im dumb but if any of you want to add me my id on love nikki is 100450952

I got to make this with a friend for nikkis birthday the other day!! it was so nice
*this post was made by the nikkimi r gfs gang*

are we aesthetic posting does that mean i can post lovecore

me getting ready for when the danganronpa account posts about kaitos canon thing

do you guys know what you are doing? do you know who you are dealing with? square up

danganronpa fans....lets go back to our og roots and kin leon

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