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@amamirantarou i love your voice fgbghttbbn it makes my heart flutter...

im very bad at communicating my love with words its more of like, making things or buying things for the one i care abt....i like spending time together too just talking makes me feel loved

i think about cooking for my future s/o and it makes me feel very warm and tender. i love them...

i cant sleep my stomach is doing the jittery thing where i both havent eaten and have anxiety

i meant to get some when i left to heal but i forgot fngtgbtghtgrh

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i had no arrows but i defeated one of the worst melee fights of botw

danna not in the room post working on stimboard

some girl is on the phone loudly outside our door please save me

im gonna make that stimboard when my roommate goes to bed fuck the world

@amamirantarou oh id love that!! please do tbbgnfbgg thank u

@amamirantarou ive heard!! i really wanna watch it gngbbgnt and ik the older ones are on youtube

also thinkin bout making thos...stimboards again

ive been wanting to watch moomin valley but my roommate danna won't watch it with me

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