its not like i want to talk about kin with danna i just wanna make "oh kin" jokes with her freely

danna got tumblr again and just read an entire post about someone wanting to kin snufkin and the traits they share and im very conflicted

holden took the switch back and i nearly cried once he left bc i miss botw

im tired i just got out of a final and im gonna finish botw when i get home

i miss roscoe but im gonna see him within a week....

nsfw ish 

im not even sex repulsed its just bgnggng it doesnt seem enjoyable

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nsfw ish 

sex is weird the more i think on my sexuality the more i hate it

@amamirantarou THIS IS VERY LATE but id love to learn to play with you ill bring my own family harmonica

@amamirantarou vgbgvvbg i love u babe but you are the too soft to be cooler...i cant even play harmonica

this is very gay but moomin and snufkin remind me of me and my qpp bc i am very soft and have a lot of feelings and brett is very cool and i want to impress him every day of my life

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life is exhausting but we're gonna watch moominvalley its a lot of baby steps right now

me and danna have been talking about just getting our own apartment and its gonna be hard but im trying to be confident about it

dannas been taking a nap and im listening to the front bottoms and thinking of my qpp

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