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im playing four different zelda games at the same the life

we watched some of moominvalley 2019...snufkin and moomin are in love


crying in the bathroom in a culivers trying to convince myself im not a burden on evrryone i know

this is mostly a joke but i remembered ive given myself too much away to someone simply because they read me much too well and i think the scariest part is i trust them with that info and i dont even consider them a best friend and i had the impulsive thought of "oh, i should kill them"

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i relate to goro akechi on a personal level bc any time someone I vaguely know guesses too much about me through their analytical mind and still wants to be around me I, Too, Want To Kill Them

we got food from knockoff qdoba and i have never regretted my life more

sorry i havent been online the past couple days ive been irrevocably fucking up my sleep schedule


alex: you know youre going to have to talk every day for the rest of your life, right?
me, who has considered actively being selectively mute on multiple occasions: *sweating*

dont talk to me unless:
•youre a bird man taller than me
•you speak in bird puns every sentence
•you thinly veil your acknowledgements of my skill by saying their luck in a very cocky tone
•you're revali botw himself

beat the bird in botw of the wild and revali is my bird husband

i keep trying to open doors and link keeps rolling into them

link has been diagnosed with baby in ocarina of time

royal guard: no link u cant go to death mountain aka this dangerous volcano place. ur literally seven years old.

7 y/o link: *hands him a note from 7 y/o zelda saying "he can go to death mountain"*

royal guard: oh shit right this way sir

vent, normally id put this on vent but my tablet is broken...., indirect 

nasty. ur nasty nasty nasty im dying and i said i was going to talk about it later but i forgot....ill be angry at in the morning at you about it because that was. gross

im very bad at communicating my love with words its more of like, making things or buying things for the one i care abt....i like spending time together too just talking makes me feel loved

i think about cooking for my future s/o and it makes me feel very warm and tender. i love them...

i cant sleep my stomach is doing the jittery thing where i both havent eaten and have anxiety

i meant to get some when i left to heal but i forgot fngtgbtghtgrh

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