The new blurred backgrounds added for Top Menu, App Grid and system dialogs in 3.0.1 Sipoonkorpi.

@sailfishosnews Think I might get on board with you guys soon, as part of my slow but steady flight from Google.

I see there is some support for the Xperia x10 Compact. (Has to be a compact.)

Congrats on getting so far. I hope you go from strength to strength on the back of the Russian, Chinese deals, etc.

@johnribbon Hi, thanks for the nice words - we'll forward them to Jolla! @sailfishosnews is an account managed by the Sailfish community.

Some info about supported Sony devices: There are official images for the Xperia X and the Xperia XA2 ( Or you could use one of the many community ports (of various quality and missing some features):

There is a well supported community port for the Xperia X Compact. If you have more questions, please ask 🙂

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