3.0.3 Hossa Early Access (EA) Release

released version 3.0.3 to Early Access testers (Jolla devices, Xperia X and XA2). 3.0.3 Hossa includes many system component updates, security vulnerability fixes and stability improvements. The update also fixes several reported issues on XA2 devices.
The most notable feature for Sailfish users is the web browser engine (Gecko) upgrade.

- Release notes:
- Detailed changelog:

@blizzz @sailfishosnews w/o wifi I was getting 3+ days of battery usage, w/ wifi I was getting barely one. (In both cases with 4G turned on the whole time)

The android layer had a way lower impact than that on battery life.

@mariusor @sailfishosnews yes, i also managed one. So, it could be worse. But I am really glad this is fixed now.

@sailfishosnews Seems the X is really abandoned now. From AOSP and from SFOS side.

@yesbait No X specific bugfixes. Most I read is about the XA2. @sailfishosnews

@mase @sailfishosnews have not yet put SFOS on my XA2. Will try to upgrade my X tonight. Let's see...

@mase @yesbait It's not abandoned and still receives updates like other devices supported by . Even the 2013 original Jolla device gets 3.0.3 Hossa. Sadly, it's different with Android support - which is rather complicated to update. See explanation:

@sailfishosnews what happened to the good old days when version names we impossible to pronounce?

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