The original smartphone from 2013 received an incredible number of 34 software updates during a lifetime of 7 years. The latest update 3.4.0 will remain the last officially supported software release.

Jolla will continue to provide access to the official app store for it for the time being.

Blog post:

@sailfishosnews and clearly demonstrated that it is possible to have a good working smartphone with length of years updates.

after each update standard programs and battery life improved

and its size? bah, another vendor made smaller phones back in 2013, let them grow larger and now comes with a 'mini'


@sunchaser @meine @sailfishosnews can you people ever stop whining about a kickstart which misfired? for fucks sake.

@sunchaser @meine @sailfishosnews you are familiar with the concept of kickstarters vs. buying a product, are you?

@bonifartius @meine @sailfishosnews Jolla Oy is a commercial company that continues operation. Crowdfunding is technically an investment so they have either repay their investors or go formally bankrupt and cease to exist. Both are acceptable to me

@charly @sailfishosnews some indeed didn't last long. mine fortunately runs since 2014, still with the original battery

@sailfishosnews Oh no! That's still a very viable piece of hardware. At least Jolla should try to fix security issues.

@sailfishosnews #SailfishOS #Jolla True but the Sony Xperia X has been abandoned after 3 years : even if the OS has been updated, the Android support Dalvik is no longer maintained limiting the usage of Android apps to Android 4.4.4 "Kit-Kat".

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