by running on the Dell XPS 15 2-in-1. This port works on most x86_64 devices that can run Ubuntu 20.04 and have a graphics card supported by Mesa. Disk images/rootfs is coming soon.

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"Relaxing requirements for apps allowed in the store is a recurring request. I've hit this boundary many times myself.
If there's a API you'd like to see supported, add your voice to this FSO thread: "

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Opens Translation Round 2 for the Next Sailfish OS Release

This time there are around 185 new strings to be translated for the next release depending on the language. The deadline for this round is Monday, December 14th.

Details and Discussion:

How to translate the OS:

Sailfish OS Localisation:

The original smartphone from 2013 received an incredible number of 34 software updates during a lifetime of 7 years. The latest update 3.4.0 will remain the last officially supported software release.

Jolla will continue to provide access to the official app store for it for the time being.

Blog post:

The SDK 3.2 Release was Published to All Users

The installers for the latest SDK release are now available at If you have an older release of the SDK, you should see an update notification in the Sailfish IDE.

Some of the added improvements:
- Support for CMake
- Support for projects with multiple .spec files
- Use of user-supplied SSH keys for device access
- Build engine, Qt creator, SDK CLI: bugs fixed


Opens New Forum for Discussions

The until now used TJC website will be replaced with a new discussion forum. The new forum should provide a better platform for developer collaboration since TJC has not been the optimal forum for serving developers’ needs. The new website includes several sub-forums which allow discourses and deeper analysis for every type of discussions.

- Official Jolla Blog post:

- Visit the new forum:

Sailfish SDK 3.1 Released

The latest emulator and build targets match the (Rokua) release. The SDK update is available via maintenance tool. Installers can be found at:

Notable changes:
- built targets use GCC 8.3.0
- the SDK IDE now uses Clang Code Model for coding assistance
- Docker-based build engine for Linux and Windows
- remote debugging with CLI frontend (sfdk)
- improved speed and bug fixes

Release notes:

3.3.0 Rokua adds native support for @nextcloud accounts. The support includes the most comprehensive collection of features available so far with any integrated account, including backups, contacts, calendar, images and notifications.

Sailfish X License Discount

To celebrate the new Sailfish OS 3.3 release, offers the license at a discount.
€29,90 per licence for a limited time, enter code VAPPU at

Blog post about the newest Rokua release:

This 3.3.0 release contains a vast number of updates for the lower level of the stack. Jolla included for example the updated toolchain, a new version of and many updates to core libraries such as glib2. The blog article explains in detail the changes and what they mean in practice for users, developers and Sailfish OS in general.

3.3.0 Rokua Release to Early Access Subscribers

released an impressive update which includes a long list of new features and improvements. Several features were developed in collaboration with the Sailfish OS community and Jolla's partners.

Full release notes:

Detailed changelog:

It's recommended to follow the update instructions provided by Jolla in order to successfully install the Early Access release.

The new guidelines for adding APIs for use in are now available:

So, if you have an API you want included, it's worth going through the checklist and filling in the blanks where you can.

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With this newer release of "Tooter" it's possible again to log in and visit the fediverse by using a app.

Available on Openrepos:

Benefit from the fantastic native FOSDEM QML app by @fabrixxm for when visiting this weekend. The app is available on the store.

"A quick video to show how quick and smooth runs on the . Especially it's true multitasking! Still feels smooth even handling 18 apps in the background." | via @chenliangchen
on Twitter:

Jolla Released Sailfish SDK 3.0

has been working on making functions, which were available exclusively through the SDK control center, accessible in more native ways. With the new SDK installers developers can do even more manually and also programmatically with the help of 'sfdk', the CLI frontend.

Among other changes the SDK 3.0 enables development for release 3.2.1. Read more about the release here:

- Release Notes:

Jolla Blog Post: A New Decade For Sailfish OS

A new year's message from Jolla CEO & Co-founder Sami Pienimäki about the developments in the past year and the expectations for Sailfish OS and Jolla in 2020.


Jolla Blog Post: Sailfish OS Nuuksio Now Available

With the Nuuksio version release to all subscribers, also published a new blog post which summarises all the improvements in the new update.

- Jolla Blog Post:

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