Today I planted a dogwood tree (cornus kousa), sowed some seeds, did some raking, etc.

Every time I dig up the yard a robin shows up to look for worms in the freshly dug soil. Sometimes he makes conversation in bird-speak. Sometimes he brings a friend.

I like to think of the two of us as friends.

But is it the same robin that I see every time? I have no idea.

Today I dug a trench in a corner of the yard, for starting one of those hügelkultur mounds @dthompson was talking about last year.

Of course "my" robin came by for his ration of worms, and then I had the not-fun job of stopping Ammu cat from stalking the robin.

Cold day. Soft rain outside. The cats are both curled up inside.

I was pulling weeds from a garden bed. The robin came by and gave me that look and that talk: "Are you not digging anywhere today? Why are you not digging? Dig me some worms, my human."

I am very sorry indeed not to be digging the yard today.

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