@cwebber @catonano @arunisaac I personally favour CoCs, but perhaps there could be some nuance to his arguments about CoCs that they weren't able to articulate in that short time? Let us give the person the benefit of doubt?

(I think I have found them in the fediverse. I could "@" them here if you don't object, but I also don't want to derail this thread...)

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@sajith @catonano @arunisaac Well maybe I should be careful in my resposne since I haven't yet watched the video! I guess I should watch it before I pre-judge :)

@cwebber @sajith @arunisaac

Arun, I don't understand: did you find the author of the talk on the fediverse ?

I have no problem at all in involving him

I know too little about CoCs (sigh) in order to have a nuanced opinion, but the talk is extremely on point, in my opinion

@cwebber @sajith @arunisaac

Now, I'm leaving to go to the gym

I'll be back later

I just want you to now, people, that I love the fact that you sow this much concern !

Thanks !

@catonano @sajith @arunisaac Good to hear it (and I deleted my post being cautious about it since I haven't watched it yet). Going to watch the talk... looking forward to it!

@catonano I don't understand what you are asking me. I didn't find Morgan Gangwere on the fediverse, if that's what you are asking. In fact, I saw his talk only just now. And, I agree. It's very relevant to the current state of free software communities.
@arunisaac @catonano @cwebber Found Gangwere @ indrora @ mstdn.io. Up to others in the convo if you want to @ him or not.

His talk was about being compassionate and inclusive, and non-abusive.

@clacke @arunisaac @catonano I hadn't watched the talk when I made the comment and shouldn't have responded the way I did online. I deleted the original post.

I watched a good chunk of the talk and liked it.

@cwebber @sajith @catonano @arunisaac FWIW I was in the room for the latter part of this talk and I don't recall raising my eyebrow at any of it.

@catonano Excellent post! :-) Thanks for sharing so many links to various talks and other things. I will go through them, and hopefully in time, learn something.
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