Not sure if I will get to witness further events in this particular caterpillar's life? 🤔

Looks like Elvis has totally left the building.

But where's the chrysalis? 🤔

Found three more of these today!

A particularly lost and confused one was under the leaves of a dahlia. Moved it to milkweed plant. I hope I have done the right thing, and I did it right.

Don't you know about your exclusive diet of milkweed, caterpillar?

Current status: there's a chrysalis now, and a small caterpillar, and an even smaller caterpillar

The last monarch chrysalis outside turned out to be a bit of a tragedy: it became victim to tachinid fly.

I'm told that only about 5% monarch eggs become butterflies, and the rest perish. Even milkweeds are trying to kill the caterpillars with sticky latex sap and toxins!

I've checked out Anurag Agrawal's "Monarchs and Milkweed: A Migrating Butterfly, a Poisonous Plant, and Their Remarkable Story of Coevolution" from the library. It's all very thrilling.

I also moved the last caterpillar I found to a glass jar. It turned into a chrysalis the other day.

Stay tuned for further updates!

Exciting developments in the chrysalis' glass jar this morning!

... and it had flown away by the time I got home after work. I didn't get to see the butterfly emerging from its chrysalis.

Damn Thursday late afternoon group meetings. Damn rush hour traffic.


Another very unskittish monarch came by and hung out in the yard this evening though, so there was that. 🦋

Today's monarch news: a big caterpillar and several tiny ones have appeared!

Our neighbor has donated a fancy home for the caterpillar. I hope this is a step-up from the old glass jar.

Saturday's visitor stayed a long while, and wanted to come inside: stayed and knocked on the windows and front door.

Was it you, my Appu cat? Did you become a monarch butterfly in your next life? If it was you, I miss you. 😢

Today's monarch news: a caterpillar has escaped its indoor makeshift cage, and is now hanging onto a door jamb, and is very unwilling to budge.

The one in neighbor-donated cage is now a chrysalis.

An ill-looking one I brought inside has died. It wasn't eating anything.

This evening I brought two more very tiny caterpillars inside.

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