Some company has a formal verification engineer job opening and of course they're a defence contractor.

Makes one think: are there medical devices companies doing formal verification of, say, things like pacemakers and insulin pumps?

Seems that there's all the money in the world for making killing machines better...

@sajith How much funding you can obtain always depends upon how close you are to the center of power. This is why relatively low skilled executives whose main skill set consists of shouting and the ability to play Candy Crush are paid orders of magnitude more than highly skilled workers.

afaik I don't think many medical devices are formally verified, although that might apply to things like heart pacemakers.

@bob Do you think this is a problem that could be solved by a truly free market?

Seems to me that having such centres of power is a problem.

@sajith I'm not a market fundamentalist, so no I don't think so. Markets can be useful, but they're not a universal solution to all social problems.

@bob Mmm. Even Adam Smith seems to agree that free market alone cannot fund all public goods. (I haven't read Wealth of Nations, I remember Milton Friedman quoting Smith in "Free to Choose". I don't have the exact words handy.)

That said, do you think less powerful centers of power could be a solution to the problem of low-skilled low-effort (but presumably high-effect?) execs getting paid more than skilled workers? Or is this just the nature of things?

@sajith I think people should be in control of production processes. This means things like worker control of factories and agriculture. People occasionally deciding what and how much to produce. Job rotation to avoid monopolization of "empowering work". Each person would have an irrevocable stake in the produce, so that they can't simply sell out.

@bob Sounds something like a worker-owned co-operative?

Seems to me that we're in the age of specialization and automation. Developing specialized skills (becoming a better programmer, or a better manager) takes time, sometimes a lifetime. Some people just won't want to do some jobs. (I for one don't care for managerial roles.)

How will job rotation work here?

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