Bank lady was grumpy and made a comment about the length of my full name.

I know what I should do! I need to go to my favorite social media site and LASH OUT at this grave injustice

@sajith This kind of thing absolutely drives me up the wall, I'm sorry you had this experience today.

@checkervest It happened yesterday! It occurred to me only today that I should lash out. ;-)

@checkervest To be honest I am amused by the length of my full name myself. Back home in India I've always used initials for my middle name and last name, so this was never an issue -- in the US that stuff get expanded, throwing people off guard. :-)

Also I am also more aggravated that they charged me $3 for a cashier's check. Our old banks have never charged us for that, but we have since moved from those towns, and now we're stuck with this credit union with a Evil Big Bank attitude.

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