Your humble correspondent would like to note that Jitters Coffee House of Joliet, Illinois has a nice collection of art on their high walls.

@tsu It indeed is a comfy place! Would have stayed and read the entirety of Anna Karenina sitting on that couch, but had a train to catch.

@tsu In this context it stands for A Very Thick Russian Novel, and I only meant to use it to illustrate a point. Although I believe War and Peace is thicker.

The train ride was pleasant indeed. Thank you. :-)

"Anna Karenina" would be a most appropriate book for a *long* train journey.

My hardback copy (actually two volumes) of "War & Peace" is nearly 1,500 pages. "Anna Karenina", from the same publisher, is a lightweight 800 pages.

@fitheach I read Anna Kerenia a few times as a school boy. It probably helped that we didn't have a TV, and our book collection was small. Those days I read everything that came my way, including newspaper scraps. :-)

Haven't read War and Peace yet though. I don't read much fiction these days...

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