$ sudo dnf install texlive-<TAB>
Display all 11559 possibilities? (y or n)

😱 🤯

@sajith Yeah, 'fine grained' split package. Every single CTAN package has its own RPM pacakge. There's a long discussion somewhere in #Fedora mailing list about this packaging choice. Being a Fedora packager myself, I can only imagine the agony through which its packager had to go through — the SPEC file itself is 7.5 MB! src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/tex. Luckily, its all mostly automated.

@rajeesh I have heard about the controversy that was spawned by splitting TeX/LaTeX packages. I would imagine that one RPM package per CTAN package would be easier to maintain, considering automation. But what do I know. :-)

The only "problem" I faced was that the meta packages are kind of hard to find using "dnf search". I had to search the Internet to find the name "texlive-scheme-small".

(You made the first toot from aana.site! Yay!)

@sajith There’s simpler way to install tex packages — try: dnf install ‘tex(mathtools.sty)’

@rajeesh That is interesting! What does it do, and where's the documentation for that? Is there something similar for search?

@sajith That specific command installs the ‘mathtools’ package. In fact, you can install any file in similar fashion. On mobile now, can’t seem to find the documentation, should be somewhere in dnf/fedora wiki.
Also just learned that you could search files with — dnf provides ‘*/memoir.cls’.

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