I set up a Mastodon instance for the small Malayalam speaking community of Google+ at aana.site.

We passed a milestone @rajeesh has made the first (and only, so far) toot.

Registrations are currently invite-only, but if you read/write/speak/like Malayalam, you are welcome to join too! Just ask me if you'd like to join.

"A look inside" shows toots from @kensanata and @cwebber, for whatever reason. There must be some knobs I need to turn?

@sajith about the look inside, there's an option in the admin panel: "show known fediverse in the timeline preview", if you disable it, it shows only local posts :)

Welcome! ;)

@renatolond Ah, thank you!

I have another question: how do I update the "Administered by:" field in the home page?

@sajith In the same place there's one field called "contact username", you can add your username there, without the @ symbol and it will appear in the administered by field :)

@renatolond Hmm, I can't find it under "Site settings".

Mastodon version is 2.5.1. Maybe something to do with that?

@sajith I'm also on 2.5.1, it should be here, the second field from the bottom:

@sajith Ah, it's quite in the beginning of the form, after the description of the instance :)

@renatolond Aaaaah, I mis-read, sorry! And thank you for the help!

I am so pea-brained this morning. I should get off the Internet.

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