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Confession: I don't use a "cloud" password manager because I don't trust any of them.

I just use the standard Firefox password manager. I really wish it comes with a password generator as well.

I like keepassx and the Pass. Is there an easy path to migrate my firefox-stored password into one of these above password managers? A 5-minute search didn't turn up a definitive answer.

@vu3rdd pass website has linked to

There's a "python --export-pass" command.

@sajith Thanks. I discovered another constraint yesterday. My work laptop is on Windows and a lot of these stuff is a pain to use on Windows. :-(


@vu3rdd Wouldn't KeePassX or KeePass work?

Considering that "pass" is "just" a shell script, shouldn't "Ubuntu for Windows" or cygwin or MinGW help? I'd expect that one of those things would be the first thing you'd install on a Windows machine. :-)

I should admit that it's the name confusion between KeePassX and KeePass, besides the simplicity of pass, that compelled me in choosing pass over the other things. Windows was not a consideration for me, so what do I know.

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@sajith I didn't know that keepassx and keepass are two different things. Thanks. I will play with pass on Windows today.