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A free book about economics, if anyone's interested.

This book uses the phrase 'neoclassical economics' instead of 'neoliberal'.

Given the current noise and fury over confusing interpretations of the word 'neoliberal' (mostly, in my experience, by US political centrists who - despite being alive in the 2000s - profess sudden ignorance as to what the term means), maybe it's worth substituting 'neoclassical economist/ics' everywhere you see the word 'neoliberal/ism'?

sajith @sajith

@natecull This from the sample: "A grave deficiency of modern economic thinking, indeed of modern societies, is that we tolerate the exclusion of people from reasonable means of supporting themselves... The exclusion occurs through our rules of ownership and the issuing of money, which are social inventions and not as simple and benign as is widely believed. The claim that unemployment is the fault of the unemployed is an indefensible myth."


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