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sajith @sajith

This one fell off the bird feeder
Look at her now
All grown up and doing the town

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The same happened here, with "unsproutable" seed from our bird feeder. :-)

@skiring There's a whole bunch of other stuff too that grew out of seeds that fell off the feeder. I'm so glad I did not do any of the so-called "weeding" business that people tend to do. ;-)


Some of my favourite plants blew in with the wind and self-seeded. I would have missed a lot if I had weeded them out.

@skiring I'm pretty sure I know how that works. :-)

My yard sticks out like a sore thumb in the well-manicured suburbia because I've been busy. (Just moved to a new neighborhood, and we've only getting settled here.) I'm afraid I won't have that excuse next year...

@sajith But perhaps by then you will have found an even better excuse! :-)

@skiring I hope so! :-)

We're shopping around for flower seed mixes for fall planting. The plan is to till the crap out of half the grass this fall, and then spread the seeds after the first frost. I hope to have something other than just grass by next spring.

(I don't mind grass, but I do not want to do the feeding and caring of grass...)

@sajith I feel exactly the way you do about grass, yet we have a lot of it anyway. Sigh. White clover is great, though, and we managed to have some of that.

But for the grass, hmmm. I hate mowing and weed-wacking. Gonna buy a scythe.

@skiring Or just tell people that your "weed" infested yard is, in fact, an experimental permaculture farm. Also sing to disdainful passers-by:

What is weed
And what isn't
Oh good neighbor
Who can tell us these things?

@sajith I want to walk past your weed-infested yard, pretending to be disdainful, so that you will sing to me. :-)

@skiring Suddenly I have become very self-conscious of my accent.

I will sing in Malayalam though:

Ente parambil thooralley,
Chettante parambil thoorikko!

(Roughly: "Please do not poop in my yard / Poop in your own yard")