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I uninstalled Keybase from a computer. I don't know what it is good for.

The intersection of (set of people that talk to me on a regular basis) and (set of of people that are likely to use encryption), which is admittedly very small, use Signal or GPG anyway.

The filesystem is promising and could be useful.

Do you use Keybase? What do you use it for? Are you worried about lock-in? What will happen if/when Keybase runs out of money?

(They're backed by the VC firm Andreessen Horowitz.)

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@sajith I have it running and I'm starting to wonder myself. @PresGas is really into it and was trying to get more people to sign up but I'm starting to feel like it's the wrong tool for the kinds of things we want to actually accomplish. I mean you can use keybase to contact strangers on the net knowing their websites or github accounts, and that's cool. But it's not a common use case (for me). Keyservers are lousy, though.

@kensanata @PresGas They've done good usability work, and I admire that.

Perhaps Keybase could run an actual (and better) keyserver also, in addition to all the other stuff they're doing? I think such a thing will make Keybase more useful to me, and many other people that do not want to run the desktop app.

I'm afraid that VC money has placed them in a risky position. There's perhaps room for a small sustainable business in this space, but not for a high-growth startup VCs are after.

@kensanata @sajith I will say I am also starting to agree with you too. However, I think that it is exactly because people aren't "kicking the tires". Many of the features are super new; chat, teams and git remotes were just this year. I would say this is an extremely active project:
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@sajith @kensanata Funding is definitely a concern too. $10M can go only a couple years if you are fit and trim. Much of their stuff is #FLOSS though.

Their primary investor has an interesting portfolio, geared towards human beings as people, not products (from what I see)

I plan on stepping back and just watching for a bit myself. I suspect if the company folds, much of its tech will be easily forkable.

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@kensanata @sajith No, I am not a shill...


but was very interested in where this was going to go. So not uninstalling, just lurking.

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@PresGas @kensanata Yes, certainly Keybase is a good project that could/should do a lot better. I actually would like to see them thriving rather than the Ubers an Facebooks of the world, you know? :-)

It's just that I don't have a network of people that are already on Keybase.

I just finished reading "The Hard Thing About Hard Things" by Ben Horowitz. I understand they're different from more traditional Silicon Valley VC firms, but even they would eventually want a profit.

@kensanata @PresGas Err, "Ubers and Facebooks".

It is morning here and I am under-caffeinated. I'm sorry. ๐Ÿ˜‰

@sajith @kensanata Well, since I am hanging back and lurking, I will be there. Sometimes grassroots efforts start of very tiny.

So maybe we just take a step back, and be sloooooooow about it. :-)

I will be there if you come back. I will also be here too!

@PresGas @kensanata Oh I hope to come back someday. Although it is a chicken and egg problem. :-)

And I hope they make a leaner desktop app.

@sajith @kensanata I think the desktop app is pretty okay. It is the android app that is in need of fat trimming.

@PresGas @kensanata That is good to know! It probably won't run very well in my ancient Android phone.

@sajith @kensanata I will also say I have been thinking about using the public parts of #kbfs and to make a static blog of sorts.

Now to find a static cms that would work well for it...