As part of my research for my #LibrePlanet2018 talk:

Those of you who had formal education for programming: how many of you were taught about any sort of ethical issues as a core part of your education---as a _part_ of the material, not alongside it? And how many were taught about ethics as an aside, or separate course?

Please include your educational institution/organization/resources. Feel free to e-mail me at if you don't want to respond publicly. If you are an educator that teaches about ethics in the classroom or in your materials, I'd love to hear from you as well.

@mikegerwitz Nothing whatsoever, if I remember correctly.

Undergrad computer engineering degree from a small school in India. Been a while, so my memory is unreliable.

(We once hosted a talk by RMS, which made a big difference.)

MSCS from a US university. Courses offered:

(I'm married to a civil engineer who studied at "better" schools. Ethics is a part of her academic and professional licensing curricula. She also had a class about engineering mishaps.)

@sajith Thanks for your response. I'm assuming you meant "Indiana", not "India", based on the link you provided. :)

I'm considering maybe getting into contact with some universities in the US to see what their thoughts are on these issues. But I think it might have to be post-talk activism; I don't have much time to reach out. I'll note your university.

@mikegerwitz Both India and Indiana! Undergrad in India, grad school in Indiana.

I am looking forward to your talk. I will be at LibrePlanet. :-)

@mikegerwitz Found recent syllabus of my undergrad school:

Nothing that is even remotely liberal arts-y, except perhaps that one course on "Environmental Studies and Technical Communication".

(This being a technical-only campus, there's not even the option of taking classes offered by other departments, because there are no other departments. You don't get any leeway on what classes you get to take, unlike a US campus.)

> I will be at LibrePlanet. :-)

Great! Please do stop over and say hello.
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