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Folks !

I just published a new post in my blog !

It's not decisive, admittedly. But anyway !

@MutoShack I mention you !

I mention you too ! Thank you for youur suggestion about videos on !

And @paperswelove I mention you too !

It's about building it gradually !

Building what, you say ?

I don't know ! It's gonna come around !


This is wonderful! You made a good point about's video hosting, I wonder how they get the funds to keep so many servers active 🤔

sajith @sajith

@MutoShack @catonano I believe they're fully funded by the $20 I paid them 💪

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@sajith @MutoShack

so they collect donations. Interesting

@catonano @MutoShack They're set up as a tax-exempt non-profit.

Also it looks like right now Pineapple Fund will match donations, through April 30. That is really nice.